What Is Happening In King Paul’s Court?


Something is happening in King Paul’s court. Former confidantes and cronies are falling by the way side. The more I observe King Paul and his shenanigans, the more I am reminded of Nero, the Roman Emperor. Nero was a murderer, starting

Since Rwanda’s criminal became a president in 2000, no single state dinner had ever been held in the Country without the presence of Jeannete Kagame on the side.

Kagame with no Nyiramongi

I always thank God to how He repays sinners. It may take time, but each has to repay for his/her sins. As the swahili always say, “malipo nihapa duniani.” Since Rwanda’s criminal became a president in 2000, no single state

How the World Economic Forum Became A Partner In Kagame’s Delusions of Grandeur


Dear Sir, in your annual competitiveness reports, you rank Rwanda very highly. In the Global Competitiveness Index 2014–2015, for example, you ranked Rwanda 62nd out of 147 economies. According to you, Rwanda is one of Africa’s most competitive economies and

Who is killing indigenous people in Beni, DR Congo?


KPFA News Anchor Sharon Sobotta: Beni Territory sits in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s North Kivu Province, bordering Rwanda and Uganda. It is a vivid example of the phrase, “Everybody wants a piece of Congo.” Beni Territory is rich

Kagame’s Sinking Ship


Those who doubt that Kagame’s ship is sinking, look at the following statistics and factors: 1) Collapsing export earnings to $268 million, from $275.12 million in the same period in 2015. 2) Increased trade deficit from $858.98 million up in

To the dead we owe justice, not propaganda. The victims of the 1994 massacres in Rwanda deserve justice.


All the armed groups in Rwanda, including Kagame’s RPA/F, butchered people in what Kagame’s partners-in-crime and propagandists now force down the throat as Tutsi genocide. The 1994 Rwandan massacres official narrative is a pack of lies that the world should

Miss Gasengayire Léonille of FDU-Inkingi was arrested on 08/23/2016 in Kivumu, Rutsiro & she is detained at the local police station.

Gasengayire Léonille

THE LAW AGAINST RWANDAN GOVERNMENT CRITICS USED IN THE ARREST OF Ms LEONILE GASENGAYIRE, THE ASSISTANT TREASURER OF FDU-Inkingi. Miss Gasengayire Léonille, Assistant Treasurer – of FDU-Inkingi was arrested at 6:30 in the morning of August 23, 2016 from the

Obama doesn’t plan to attend Clinton Global Initiative meeting


President Obama will be in New York next month when the Clinton Global Initiative meets for its 12th and final annual session — but he won’t be there for the sendoff. The president is claiming scheduling problems. “The president has

DR Congo elections: Opposition strike cripples Kinshasa


A strike called by the opposition to force the Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Joseph Kabila to step down at the end of his term has crippled businesses in the capital. Shops in Kinshasa were closed and streets were mostly

David Himbara’s Tribute to his sister Christine Mukankanza Rusagara who passed away in London, UK.


Bye Bye Sweet Sister, Activist, Mother, Wife, Daughter, And Dearest Friend Christine Mukankanza Rusagara. The Kanyambo and Byabagamba families announce the untimely passing of Christine Mukankanza Rusagara. At the time of her passing Christine was in London, UK. As we