The Lwengo LC5 Chairman George Mutabazi was yesterday bundled off the Rwanda Air bound to Entebbe from Bujumbura via Kigali. According to Mr. Mutabazi, it was a mistaken Identity that led him off the Plane by the Rwandan security officers.

Lwengo chairman Mutabazi thrown off RwandAir

By Job Bwire Lwengo District chairman George Mutaabazi was on Saturday ejected from RwandAir plane by Rwanda National Police officers over ‘disorderly behaviour.’ In a statement posted on their social media platforms, the flight company said: “In order to ensure

Kagame Speaking For East Africa In Its Trade Wars With The US May Be Likened To An Ant 🐜 Attempting To Lead Elephants

By David Himbara Kagame has self-appointed to speak for East African countries in their trade wars with the United States. He bombastically says that East Africa won’t allow used clothes from the US to protect the region’s domestic industries. The

What In The World Happened To James Gatera, the CEO of Crystal Ventures Ltd – The Business Empire Owned By Kagame’s Ruling Party?

By David Himbara UPDATE – barely one year after being CEO, Gatera dumped and replaced by Kook Fong Lee from Singapore. We are seeing a new trend whereby Kagame is internationalizing CEO positions, as has happened in REG. James Gatera,

A Ugandan, Lwengo LCV Chairman, mishandled and ejected from Rwanda Air.

Read some comments from Ugandans: Kyth Ahumuza I hope the people condemning the way he was arrested also have on all or most occasions condemned the way the Opposition people especially Dr. Besigye and others are always handled even hundred


In the real sense, no one would be even concerned about the forthcoming Presidential elections in Rwanda. And I know most people have just ignored. The reason is simple -the winner is afterall known. Kagame MUST win the elections with

Why Is This Man So Sad After Successfully Manipulating His Way Into Life Presidency?

By David Himbara According to the constitutional amendment Major General Paul Kagame engineered in 2015, he can cling to power until 2034. By 2034, Kagame will have ruled Rwanda indirectly and directly for 40 years. He will be 77 years.

If he so loved by 99% of Rwandans, why does Kagame have to move with a full battalion and close body guards guarding him?

By Rpf Gakwerere The photo below was taken few hours ago. It shows the dude who tells everyone that is loved and admired by 99% of the population appearing before his electoral commission. As usual, surrounded by a coy of

Kagame turned up but he looked tired, disgusted with a frustrated face which shows a man engulfed in a sea of problems.

By Rpf Gakwerere Over time, through the screen of television, seeing pictures or witnessing different political candidates submitting there candidature credentials to respective electoral commission officials; these political candidates are usually jovial, cheerful with sparkling faces, great humor and atmosphere

Just look at the distance between Paul Kagame and his rented crowd at the Electoral Commission building in Kigali

By Rpf Gakwerere A few hours a go, criminal Kagame has handed his presidential candidature credentials to Kagame Electoral Commission. Civil servants who work in the vicinity of Electoral Commission building, where stopped from working and forced to witnessed the