Who would wish Tanzania hit where it hurts most and with enough sophistication to do it? Paul Kagame tops the list.

Digesting the attack on Tanzanian Intervention Brigade Base. This attack raises a number of hard questions. The attackers were wearing FARDC uniforms, atleast according to MONUSCO. Where did ADF get FARDC uniforms? At around 5pm thursday evening, the Tanzanians alerted


General Kayihura successfully received stolen informations from his agents planted in ISO, for a while the Police General has desired to have control over sensitive information to give him a upper hand against other intelligence bodies. The general spent over

Missing Rwandan Refugees in Rwanda

By Musinguzi Ceasar A list of missing Rwandese Refugees In Uganda ! It is totally amazing to see a big total number of Rwandans missing on a refugee list ? I don’t understand if refugees rights are respected in Uganda

Kagame’s Human Trafficking To Increase “In A Matter Of Weeks”

By David Himbara Israeli newspapers are reporting that two weeks ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached a new “deal” with Kagame. The deal is that Rwanda accepts African refugees deported against their will. The human trafficking to Rwanda is getting

Who is this man who lives in the air?

In November-December, he has jetted as follows: * From Kigali * To London * Back to Kagali * To Abu Dhabi * Back to Kigali * To Kenya * To Ivory Coast * Back to Kigali * To Egypt. Kagame’s

Seven years wrongly stuck in a Rwandan cell? There is nothing to worry about, says the Netherlands

The Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire did not have a fair trial, judged the African Court of Human Rights. But the Netherlands is right behind the authoritarian Rwandan regime and insists that nothing is wrong. Victoire Ingabire has been in a

Rwanda: Shamelessly Kagame’s vuvuzela so called journalist making up lies

By Georgian Mugisha-Fitzpatrick Geeeeeeez! Definitely, that terrible, horrible neighbor from the other side of the river can’t help. I didn’t know that being ruled by a pathologic liar president was contagious. In this day and age, with technology where everything

Kagame and Alpha Conde’s deal in African migrants’ Slaves in Libya?

From our reliable sources in Kigali, Kagame can’t wait to cash in when he takes over as the new chairman of African Union in 2018. Our sources revealed to us that Louise Mushikiwabo’s announcement about Rwanda’s willingness to shelter refugees


There are three issues underlying treatment of these refugee/immigrants. First, and constitutionally foremost, is whether the Knesset can abrogate as applied the Refugee Convention an earlier Knesset approved. That is, does a past action of the Knesset EVER bind a

Why has president Museveni appointed a ruthless double agent in a sensitive position, yet he knows all the facts?

By Rpf Gakwerere It’s not a secret that Kale Kayihura is a double agent. Below, I have posted a very interesting article on his working relationship with Rwanda’s Directorate of Military Intelligence and particularly, his closeness to his fellow criminal