We uncover: Rwanda day is changing to ‘prayers’ in USA. (Satanic prayers)

By Rpf Gakwerere After facing strong criticism, Rwanda day will not be taking place in USA , in 2017 . What will happen are prayers which are planned to be in Dayton / Ohio in September. The prayers will attract

Kagame Just Shot Himself By Starving The People He Needs To Govern – Rwanda’s Tiny Middle Class

By David Himbara As indicated in the attached letter from Rwanda’s Prime Minister, Anastase Murekezi, President Paul Kagame has ordered every public servant in Rwanda to stop renting out their properties. This is a total disaster for Rwanda’s tiny middle

Rwanda is our heritage though dictator Kagame is the president we have rights and responsibility to give our opinions on how things should be done otherwise we would be traitors!

By Rugema Kayumba I want to let my friends know that being fanatical is not what patriotism is! I have feelings on number of jobless youth flooding the region abusing the norms and values of our culture due to poor

Rwandans are urging the International Community NOT to ignore Kagame’s lies about his economic development

Peter Urayeneza’s post: EDUCATION WITHOUT INFRASTRUCTURES= EDUCATION WITHOUT QUALITY Education for all in Rwanda remains problematic!!! The regime claims to introduce and implement different policies like ICT promotion through one laptop per child. One question remains crucial. How can U

Dayton – Ohio how criminal Kagame’s hired mercenaries celebrated the occasion rather than commemorate – Remember the tutsi genocide.

Rwanda Genocide

1) The MC was a manyamulenge who was a prosecutor in Rwanda. He was admitted in usa as a Congolese munyamulenge fleeing from prosecution in Congo. 2) The chair was a Munyamulenge – Rumenge Mbonigamba who has never stepped a

Op-Ed: Activism and Rwanda’s Development Model – Diane Rwigara takes a stand

The role of the activist within Rwanda is extremely fraught as it involves balancing the desire and need to express oneself in order to build a better future for the country, while entering increasingly dangerous territory for even attempting to

Did President Bill Clinton influence the invasion of Congo and order the assassination of Laurent Kabila (President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo)?

The invasion of Congo by Rwanda and Uganda left about five million dead and plunged the country into a rampage. What role did Clinton and his administration play to remove President Mobutu from power? Kabila, a former communist guerrilla leader


We wrote more about how Rwanda Social Security Fund (RSSB) has been plundered, and now these are direct consequences!!! This is an inbox message received from kigali. “RSSB is no longer able to fully pay for medical treatments for public

You may not doubt what we always say about the role of Kagame or Kigali regime in destabilizing the region.

I talked with an experienced diplomat for good 30 minutes about great lakes region in his humble and intelligent observations of my frustrations and pains of my people at heart gave me the link but told me something important in

Kagame and the RPF junta regime have hijacked the tragedy “Rwandan Genocide” for their political and economic gain.

Remembrance, commemoration or memorial services are extremely important events especially when it touches the hearts of millions. In Rwanda, the month of April is a crucial month; this is the time when the horrendous genocide started. People were killed for