Kagame is probably planning on asking the US to deport his former Ambassador to the UN, Eugene Gasana.


Kagame fired Amb. Eugene Gasana after news circulated that President Kagame and his Ambassador to the UN were involved in a paternity dispute over one of Kagame’s children. Amb. Gasana ” disappeared” when Kagame recalled him. Kagame’s Division of Military

Dr. Leopold Munyakazi deported to Rwanda


Dr. Léopold Munyakazi was deported to Rwanda early this morning. Immigration attorney Ofelia Calderón defended the gentle professor pro bono from the time of his arrest in 2009 to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, where she gave oral argument

Frank Mwine, read my entire argument in my masterpiece on what’s called Tutsi genocide: Dr Kambanda


I would advise this ” international criminal law consultant” to read my entire argument in my masterpiece on what’s called Tutsi genocide. He should be able to find it. My comment on Dr. Rudasingwa’s doc was a highlight of one

No European Union access to jailed leader Victoire Ingabire

Victoire Ingabire

A delegation from the European Union Parliament was denied access to jailed opposition leader Victoire Ingabire, due to what the government said was absence of a formal request. Iraxte Garcia Perez, chair of the EU Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights

Can someone remind Rick Warren that speaking 3 or 4 Kinyarwanda words doesn’t make him a Rwandan!


Rwanda: What is really bad news

When Yale University invited Rwandan President Paul Kagame to deliver the annual Coca-Cola World Fund Lecture on September 20, it predictably provoked protests on the campus. Students said they did not want a leader who was accused of violating human

The Story of a King, A Preacher & A Bishop


Once Upon A Time, There Was A King Called Paul, A Preacher Called Warren, & A Bishop Called Bilindabagabo. For some time the three men lived in perfect harmony – King Paul concentrating on power, while Warren and Bilindabagabo were

In NY, Netanyahu goes to the bathroom with 20 guards


New York got a glimpse on Tuesday of Benjamin Netanyahu’s massive security detail, when the prime minister answered the call of nature accompanied by 20 guards. Netanyahu went out for dinner with his wife, Sara, at the Harry Cipriani restaurant,

Rwanda’s Deadly Games Of The Thrones – Nyiramongi Recycled


In the left picture on Sept 12, 2016, Nyiramongi resurfaced from the dump. In the right photo is Nyiramongi is once again the Queen of Rwanda starring in New York City on September 22, 2016. To understand what is going

Only Congolese & Africans can stop Kagame, Kaguta and Kabila from causing more deaths in D.R. Congo