Kagame’s Main Creator Is Tito Rutaremara

By David Himbara Tito Rutaremara and Paul Kagame recall the novel Frankenstein by the English author, Mary Shelley. The story is about a man who built a human-like monster in his laboratory. The result was disastrous for both the monster

Father Giancarlo Bucchianeri who was a missionary at the time of the Rwanda Genocide passed away

By Luca Tronchetti The parish priest of Ponte San Pietro died Saturday at the age of 71. He has long been a missionary in Africa at the time of the Rwanda war. LUCCA. He died at the San Luca hospital where

The Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front: Judi Rever outlines how all this happened

By The Taylor Report The RPF of Rwanda had bad sectarian intentions from their first invasion of Rwanda in October 1990, when thousands of innocent Hutu peasants were driven from their land and became refugees in the north of their

Kagame’s Moneyman James Gatera Disappeared. Why?

By David Himbara Where is James Gatera? It has been over one year since President Paul Kagame sacked James Gatera from Crystal Ventures Ltd. I have tried to find out the whereabouts of James Gatera — but I have failed. Where in the

Kagame’s Chief Justice Sam Rugege Leads A Horrible Life

By David Himbara The chief justice of any nation plays at least three roles. The chief justice’s most visible and widely known duty is presiding over the Supreme Court. The chief justice provides intellectual and political leadership in interpreting a

Rwanda’s Hidden History: Investigation of a Second Genocide – April 15, 2018

Rwanda’s Hidden History: Investigation of a Second Genocide – April 15, 2018 This week on Perspective with Alison Smith: Rwanda’s Hidden History – An Investigation of a Second Genocide. Author and journalist Judi Rever speaks about her new book, “In

Kagame Threatened Rwandan Athletes In Australia With Treason

By David Himbara President Paul Kagame has been breathing fire over Rwandan athletes who embarrassed him by defecting to Australia. A Rwandan coach and an athlete vanished rather than return to Rwanda. To those Rwandans who defected, the Commonwealth Games


As the children of the first family arrived in Rwanda for the Easter holiday break on private jet, in one of criminal Paul Kagame’s Bombardier Global Express BD-700 jet. On the other hand, this was the same time, criminal Paul

Kagame And His Rwanda Development Board Are The World’s Biggest Liars

By David Himbara According to The New Times, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has been declared among the top eastern Africa’s investment promotion agencies. RDB is said to be the second best foreign investment mobilizer in Eastern Africa. As the newspaper puts

Kagame, You Sabotaged The UN Intervention. Then You Rejected The Deployment Of A Larger UN Force. Here Is More Evidence.

By David Himbara Major General Paul Kagame, on the day you stand in the court of law regarding your role in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the evidence against you will include what we have previously presented, namely: Rwandan Patriotic