Kagame government blocked criminal probe, former chief prosecutor says


A United Nations criminal tribunal was so hobbled by the hostility of the Rwandan government that it was unable to investigate “very credible allegations” of crimes by the forces of President Paul Kagame, says Louise Arbour, the tribunal’s former chief



International Conference on finding solutions to the insecurity challenges in the great lakes region of Africa, held in Oslo Norway. Organized by: The Christian Council of Norway in collaboration with the International Action for Burundi Diaspora and African Center for

Do we know why the ICC went for Bosco Ntaganda, not Kagame the guy Ntaganda was serving?

kagame na mitchell

Comrade Didas Gasana, you raised very critical issues. I would like to address some of the issues you introduced for discussion: Using the ICC to help “friendly” dictators consolidate power for the western corporations and politicians who plunder the continent

Another innocent Rwandan kidnapped by Kagame’s security agents


I won’t say Twizeyimana Aron went missing. The law-abiding citizen, father and husband, was carried away on August 11th, 2016, by the security agents who asked him to cooperate, what he did. It is known that one of DASSO agent

Oxfam in bed with Burundi’s ennemies


The immixion of oxfam in the tractations for a destructive military intervention in Burundi is worrisome, especially when one thinks of the ostensible mandate of this so-called non governmental organization. Indeed, Oxfam was supposedly created to help relieve famine throughout

Look before you leap


CAN entrepreneurs make up for a lack of roads? In Rwanda, where most of the population live in cut-off villages, the government wants to skip straight to drones. Encouraged by Paul Kagame, the president and a darling of the development

“As I write this note I am having serious threats on my life.”, Robert Mugabe


I Regret Not: I am a journalist in Rwanda. As I write this note I am having serious threat ts on my life. This is due to constant intimidation from security, a series of kidnap attempts and illegal confiscation of my

Ex-Rwandan soldier, Major Nkubana, ‘goes missing’ in Uganda


Kampala. The Belgium government has written to Uganda demanding to know the whereabouts of a former Rwandan military officer who is said to have disappeared at Mutukula border point as he had gone to meet his relatives last week. Major

Kagame terrible lies & propaganda about Gen. Emmanuel Gisa a.k Fred Rwigema’s assassination.


Kagame and his junta have told lies about almost everything that happened during the bloody war and massacres that claimed thousands of Rwandans and foreigners between 1990 and 1994, including the 1994 massacres some people call Tutsi genocide. I call

Kagame Is Off To Mozambique To Lecture On How Rwanda Became One Of “The Best Economies In The World”


Mozambique can hardly wait for Kagame’s arrival. He will teach them how to build an economic lion. In his lecture, according to Club Mozambique, Kagame will show how the private sector turned Rwanda into one of “the world’s best economies.”