Gen Jack Nziza, Rwanda’s celebrated chief torturer, kidnapper and assassin

You have to appreciate the level of devilish within an authoritarian – dictatorship system of government. This past Monday, during the dismissal celebration of General Jack Nziza et al. The criminal junta regime awarded Rwanda’s celebrated chief torturer, kidnapper and assassin a certificate, in what the minister of Defence – Gen James Kabarebe called a “certificate for his great and exemplary work.”

For sure, Rwanda is led by mentally sick – deranged characters. How can any sober, normal or reasoning mind refer to Gen Jack Nziza’s last 20+ service as “great and exemplary?” In a civilised society, this serial killer would have been locked in a maximum prison for his gross human rights abuses.

Below a picture of Umufumbira Jack Nziza greating Gen Nyamvumba after receiving his certificate. He never expected this day to come, a day when he would be ejected out of the RDF. The future holds a lot, more dramas are yet to come….keep watching.

 By Rpf Gakwerere