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Washington Post: Africa Former Rwandan presidential aspirant Rwigara is arrested

FILE – In this Sunday, May 14, 2017 file photo, women’s rights activist and presidential candidate Diane Shima Rwigara, 35, is photographed next to a portrait of her father, business tycoon Assinapol Rwigara, at her home in Kigali, Rwanda. Rwandan

While Kagame was spending $20K per night in NY, President Nkurunziza was opening a $32M complex steel mill in Musumba

By Rpf Gakwerere While Rwanda’s criminal ruler – presidential imposter was addressing to empty seats during the 72 general general assembly gathering in New York. South of his little Kingdom, in Burundi. President Nkurunziza was opening a $ 32 million

The opposition leader in Rwanda, Diane Rwigara & her family, has been arrested on fabricated offenses against state security

Taarifa has exclusively learnt that Diane Rwigara, her mother Adeline Rwigara and the sister, Anne Rwigara, have been detained for questioning what Police described as “offenses against state security and other offences.” Police Spokesperson, ACP Theos Badege, confirmed to Taarifa early Sunday morning

Please mark your calendar and tune in on 09/27/2017 when Davind Himbara & Robert Higiro will testify in the US Congress on Foreign Affairs subcommittee

The man of Kigali says it all “I am the president by accident” -that is the truth.

By Jean Paul Ndindamahina What I like about Paul Kagame who is now acting as the president of Rwanda after an illegal elections, rigged vote and after Rwanda’s constitution becomes unconstitutional, the man who forcefully holds Rwanda in his own two

Uncovering Rwanda’s secrets

Nick McKenzie February 10, 2007 MICHAEL Hourigan reviewed his orders as the car pulled into Rwanda’s main airport. He had finished a memo on the intelligence gathered by his Rwandan war crimes investigation team. Check. He had saved it onto

After all, why would President Trump invite Kagame who tortures any woman like Diane Rwigara who dared to run for office?

By Bosco Mutarambirwa Kagame/Trump: Trump won’t shake Kagame’s hand (see earlier video), and Trump won’t invite Kagame to his working lunch with African leaders either. After all, who wants to shake hands with the devil, the dictator who tortures any

Sources that link RPF to Rwanda plane plot

Helen Epstein responds to accusations that the sources she used for her Guardian article on Rwanda’s genocide were unreliable In response to my article “America’s secret role in the Rwandan genocide” (12 September), Linda Melvern (Letters, 19 September) disputes my suggestion that much

Why President Trump would refuse to give a handshake to President Kagame?

This week it was in Newyork city where Kagame was invited along with other hundreds of head of states to attend UN general meeting and it is there that he met for the first time Mr Trump the president of

Photo of the leader (white t-shirt) of the youth wing militia urinating on himself due to fear of Paul Kagame.

Rpf Gakwerere Political criminals confuse the citizen’s fear as a sign of love for their criminal rule. You need to attend any of Paul Kagame’s public meeting to learn the extent of fear within Rwandans. Each nonsense he utters, the