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Rwanda: Kakuru Ian’s opinions on Diane Rwigara’s reappearance in the court today

Kagame is extremely devious and sly, selfish, and full of megalomania. To his comrades he orders them around, frightens them with charges of crimes and victimizes them. He rarely holds discussions about party matters… Whenever he expresses a view everyone

If kagame is not careful his downfall will originate from Kampala

Rpf Gakwerere THE INSIGHT: Let me share this detailed message from Sam Byaruhanga in the on going cold war between the Museveni regime vs Paul Kagame regime. 👇👇👇👇 When security operatives raided the NGO offices of Great lakes institute for strategic studies (GLISS)

Gen Kale Kayihura must go

Bye Bye to Nani, days for double agent Nani as IGP are numbered. It was a weekend of family discussion – at the farm, some suggesting Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba as replacement. The idea that big uncle comrade 00016 is totally

Uganda: Gashumba who housed known killers of col.karegyeya in custody as well.

By San Byaruhanga Gashumba is a certified conman who has eluded court convictions cz of smartness in covering his tracks..a Tutsi Rwandan by birth, gashumba was born n raised near nyendo masaka..a graduate of makerere university, gashumba has never held


The word “democracy” was heard in Rwanda for the first time in 1961 when the UN secretary General authorized a plebiscite for Rwandan people on the country’s future system of government. Thus, the plebs had to choose between the royalty

Any reasonable person has reasons to get concerned about the future of Rwanda.

By Charles Kambanda What does it benefit the regime to have everything today but end up hunted like their predecessors ? Why not make Rwanda a home for all Rwandans , in their diversity? For heavens sake, how can you

My fellow Americans, one of ours, an American citizen Anne Uwamahoro Rwigara is extremely in need of our help and advocacy.

My name is Chris Kamo  a U.S. Citizen and I need your help. As a US citizen, I am proud to be an American and will vigorously defend what our country stands for, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice

They will look genuine, talk your language, sing your songs; but they are guided by the evil DMI Organization.

Today, Monday the 16/10/17; is another day that Rwandans are waiting for the continuation of the Rwigara soap opera. This day has made me think on the tragedy of Rwandan society. A society that is conniving devilish – I am not


It is only in Rwanda where you have to register with police before your allowed to enter a court. Today, during The Rwigara family court hearing, before being allowed within the court premises, everyone had to register their particulars with

The man of Kigali says it all “I am the president by accident” -that is the truth.

By Jean Paul Ndindamahina What I like about Paul Kagame who is now acting as the president of Rwanda after an illegal elections, rigged vote and after Rwanda’s constitution becomes unconstitutional, the man who forcefully holds Rwanda in his own two