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Visit Rwanda where Kids are fed like wild animals.

By Bosco Mutarambirwa Rwanda/Video: Kids are fed like wild animals. This is supposed to be a courtyard of some high-end hotel but in this case it is being used as a national park (not a zoo) for human kids. If

Why is Clare Akamanzi hiding the names of who would be her bridegroom?

Rwandans especially those in opposition have been posting on Social media about the on coming introduction ceremony of criminal Paul Kagame’s side dish Clare Akamanzi; the ceremony which will be held on the 23rd/06/2018 in Kigali has been a protected

On Former Prosecutor Mukurarinda’s book, Ingabire Victoire’s trial and African Court verdict

Didas Gasana

By Didas Gasana I have so far had two conversations with former Rwandan prosecutor Alain Mukurarinda on airwaves. One thing that strikes me is Rwanda and his own relentless efforts to suggest that Ingabire Victoire’s trial could be in the

Cries from Widows and victims of Kagame in Uganda

By Seruga Titus I have been Crying for the past 12 hours, I received an email that was emotional; it’s about a widows/victims of Kagame and Kawukumi. If you may recall I have been sharing stories of People Whose husbands

Why did Kagame stop the UNSC from sending troops to Rwanda to end the Genocide in May 1994?

By Charles Kambanda 1. On April 6th, 1994, Kagame committed a crime that sparked off the 1994 massacres. Kagame knew or he had reasons to know that assassination of then Hutu president in the middle of an ethnic war (


What is the picture of unity and reconciliation in our lives as we start the mourning week today? In order to answer this question, we should first take a brief look at conditions in the country’s everyday way of life.

A finalized evil plan by President Paul Kagame to attack Burundi

Radjabu na Kagame

By Rpf Gakwerere Burundi Chapter – 1. “Thank God, Paul Kagame has pulled off his eyes from internal Burundian politics, he has shifted his destructive obsession to Uganda,” this was part of an inbox message from a relived Burundian who

Is President Paul Kagame a pathological liar?

I am not psychiatrist, although I have spent a lot of time watching speeches and reading many newspapers about current RWANDA President. Understanding Paul Kagame from psychological perspective has taken on new urgency, frankly, because of his behaviour. Certain personality

Paul Kagame is a serial killer who should be removed from a civilised society.

By Rpf Gakwerere There is nothing evilish like having a MAD MAN as a ruler, and people expect me to address this MAD MAN as his “excellency!” Criminal Paul Kagame is a serial killer who should be removed from a

The Kagames’ Extravagant Life while Primary school teachers in Rwanda haven’t been paid their January salary

Primary school teachers in Rwanda haven’t been paid their January salary averaging 70000fr per Teacher, yet the country would afford a private jet for criminal Paul Kagame’s estranged wife – Jeannette Nyiramongi Nzirorera Gasana Kagame to take her to USA