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Is Lionel Nishimwe also being held by the Rwandan police like Violette Uwamahoro?

Ain’t no reasonable human being who would sell out his own people for money, honor….I don’t support sell-out and never in my dreams did i think that this would happen to me. I recently read AGLAN’s disappearance alert, stating that

The Rwandan Countryside. What they don’t want you to see

As I always note on daily basis. Rwanda is not only central Kigali, around Senera hotel – KCC corridor. Central Kigali is not a country, but an area where Kagame and his family have invested heavily; owning 90% percent of

What type of room, at Hyatt hotels, is $1500 a night? Which location in New York?

I guess you want to argue that the Kigali Convention Center is not meant for a poor Rwandan. That hotel is meant for the rich and top middle class Rwandans. Unfortunately, save for the few Kagame inner circle guys, living

In memory of late Col. Patrick Karegeya (RIP). This was written on December 30, 2014 but you would think that it was written yesterday!

Today is exactly a year since the world woke up to the shocking news of your passing away. Patrick, I got to know you in 1996 but never were we close till 2010. Since 2010, you were a great friend,

Major Kayitare, an escort and a personal driver brutally killed in February of 2015 at the orders of his boss – criminal Paul Kagame.

Freedom is not a commodity or a gift given to the oppressed upon demand. It is the precious reward of constant struggle and sacrifice. We shouldn’t expect that, Rwanda’s brutal killer will hand us our freedoms on silver-plate. Freedom won’t

I totally thank Ambassador MUKANKUSI Charlotte for her great testimony about her life under serial killer – Paul Kagame

This is one of those interviews which makes me emotional, and when emotional – it is better to avoid making a remark or comment. One thing which I can say about Paul Kagame, the man is a typical serial killer

The Great Manipulator Is Ready To Rule Until 2034 – Or Is He?

2017 is finally here. The new term for President Paul Kagame – the great manipulator – has already begun. Those who are awaiting the results from the August 2017 elections are dreamers. Power was already grabbed since 1994, through the

As noted before, this year will be interesting for Rwandans and for Rwanda’s criminal ruler

As noted before, this year will be interesting for Rwandans and for Rwanda’s criminal ruler, business will not be as usual. The economy is at dog’s whistle, social welfare is at calamity stage and internal wrangles and discontent within RPF

Kagame, Bill Clinton and their Western business associates,THIEVES WITHOUT BORDERS is their proper name

Kagame, Bill Clinton and their Western business associate in land grabbing in Rwanda. Kagame stopped a big portion of Rwandans from growing food crops to feed their families. Rwandans are forced to grow crops for Bill Clinton’s business empire. Some


By denying Father Thomas Nahimana—and his fellow Rwandans—to return to his country of birth and citizenship, the government of Rwanda led by President Paul Kagame may have violated Article 3 (2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The