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broken rwanda

A time ago in 1994 while ex FAR returnees were doing an induction course in Gako Barracks, Mzee Titus Rutaremara arrived to give them a lecture and in a conceited way of speaking he said, “You Hutu used to be

After DRC, Burundi & Tanzania, It’s Uganda’s turn now.

By Charles Kambanda 1. Kagame ruined DRC, especially North Kivu. The method ( crimes) by which Kagame and his suicidal DMI ruined DRC is/are well documented by the UNited Nations Security Council and many credible international organisations. 2. Kagame set

Jeannette Rwigema vs. Jeannette Kagame

By Rpf Gakwerere When told to write an academic paper on similarities on the husbands and their wives of these two families it would totally be a difficult task. Apart from both being Tutsis, nothing or any other similarities. And when

A Note at Year 2017’s End. By Theogene Karenzi

As curtains get folded and this year peeps its last, the region where I come from has witnessed some intriguing incidences. To mention the least: 1) Rwanda and Uganda have sealed a common notion with purpose – to get life

Kagame vs. Sadam! Kagame believes that he is Rwanda, without him Rwanda can’t exist and Rwanda is now classified as his personal property.

By Rpf Gakwerere Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti also had a family like his criminal double – Paul Kagame. Like criminal Paul Kagame, Saddam Hussein assumed that he was a king with constant self-acclaimed electoral wins of 99%. Saddam Hussein

By Rpf Gakwerere On the 25th/12/2017, Rwanda’s paranoiac and criminal dictator demonstrated high levels of paranoia, delusion, fear and overall signs of psychotic behaviours. Rwanda’s criminal ruler reminded the gathering army and police officers that Rwanda is at crossroad and


An Open Letter To President Emmanuel Macron By Dr Theogene Rudasingwa. His Excellency Emmanuel Macron President The French Republic Elysee Palace France Your Excellency, OPEN LETTER: A CALL TO FRENCH PEOPLE TO RESIST RWANDA’S CRIMINALIZATION OF FRANCE I am writing

Kale Kayihura has warned Kigali against his fellow double agent Andrew Mwenda,

Rpf Gakwerere Double agent Kale Kayihura’s report to his masters in Kigali has likely caused a rift between the mercenary for hire in the photo below and his allies/ employers in Kigali. Double agent Kale Kayihura has warned Kigali against

You need to scratch your head very hard to find out kagame’s genuine friends in Africa. He’s a hated guy

By Sam Byaruhanga That’s kagame for you, he thrives at backstabbing people considered as his mentors or close friends. He has no friends and he doesn’t care at all. He’s a bitter tiny man who’s favourite hobby is killing his

Rwandan Comedy: Kagame, Israel, And Sudan

By David Himbara According to the Times of Israel, Rwanda was among the countries that Israel “widely expected to support the move” of the capital city to Jerusalem as per the US declaration. Kagame abstained instead from supporting Israel/USA.