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European Union Ambassador Michael Ryan vs. Paul Kagame

By Godson Bosco But Mr president for how long will you continue to tell lies, are you the first and last president of Rda!!? How long do you think you will continue to use your authoritarian regime to rdans, is it

Will Kagame allow his stepson Ian to continue and finish his studies at Harvard University?

By Rpf Gakwerere Now the real father is asking for his child. Thanks to cash he stole from his now nemesis – Paul Kagame, the father’s child is able to provide the same standard of living/life and care to what

Just look at the distance between Paul Kagame and his rented crowd at the Electoral Commission building in Kigali

By Rpf Gakwerere A few hours a go, criminal Kagame has handed his presidential candidature credentials to Kagame Electoral Commission. Civil servants who work in the vicinity of Electoral Commission building, where stopped from working and forced to witnessed the


By Jean Rukika. One of the five pivotal principles of the Republic is peaceful succession of Heads of State in the office and governing a limited number of terms. This is the thing most desired to happen in Rwanda. We

Troubling & revealing comments from Yulian, a reader of Kagame’s newspaper “The NewTimes”

I was trying to listen this young lady’s message to Rwandans via voice of America. I think she is contesting to lead Rwandans out of personal grievances.She doesn’t contest with the ambitious to take Rwandans somewhere. She wants the world


When multiparty began in Rwanda in 1991, many opportunists joined opposition parties on the side of the RPF blindly without knowing what was on his hidden agenda and they ended up in regret. Let’s take some examples: Seth Sendashonga and

19 Years Ago: Assassination of Seth Sendashonga

On this day in 1998, our Comrade and leader, a true patriot, a loving father, Seth Sendashonga was killed in broad day light, in front of UN offices in Nairobi, Kenya, by assassins sent by Paul Kagame. It was a

You may not doubt what we always say about the role of Kagame or Kigali regime in destabilizing the region.

I talked with an experienced diplomat for good 30 minutes about great lakes region in his humble and intelligent observations of my frustrations and pains of my people at heart gave me the link but told me something important in

Rwandan 🇷🇼 Tragicomedy – The Engineer Ordered New Buses But Forgot The Roads

In his push to modernize Rwanda, President Paul Kagame ordered new buses. But the road conditions remained the same. Accessible only in good weather. The moral of the story? The more things change, the more they remain the same. By

Uganda: Is there tribalism or regionalism in government?

Charles Rwomushana would call this NRA occupation…I don’t know what you think. Look at this….. Museveni Yoweri, president, CIC- Westerner Bert Katureebe, C.J- Westerner Ruhakana Rugunda, Prime Minister- Westerner David Muhoozi, CDF- Westerner Mbadi Wilson, deputy CDF, Westerner Mugana Kajura,