Fellow Rwandan people, Kagame is weaker and what we need is just a simple strategy to fight against him.

Forget about those opposition groups and even armed groups such as FDRL. Kagame has created his own enemies within RPF and the region enough to even topple him.

We need to find them and collaborate with them and empower them. Imagine the families and friends of General Kayumba Nyamwasa, Rudasingwa, Colonel Tom Byabagamba, General Rusagara, Major Higiro, Colonel Karegeya, Rwigara, Rujugiro, Mucyo who was pushed and fell down from upstairs. They are all not happy.

Imagine Families and friends of General Fred Rwigema, those who were forced into retirement at young age because of suspecting them as close to opposition parties such as RNC. Other figures include RDF spokesman Renee Ngendahimana, and Jack Nziza, Karenzi karake, Rose Kabuye and many others who have fear that they may end up in prison or in exile one day because of Kagame.

All these men and women and their families and friends have suffered at some point under Kagame and see Kagame as their enemy or as a wrong person to keep governing Rwanda.

They see Kagame as a person who is taking Rwanda in a wrong direction.

I am sure that they would prefer another President or leader in Rwanda rather than Paul Kagame, if that person would guarantee them to return into employment, allowing them to keep their wealth, houses, money and resources they accumulated over the years and not destroying their properties as Kagame does fearing that there should be some meetings happening in those buildings and properties controlled by people the Kagame cycle sees as not loyal to Kagame.

I am also sure that if the war is broken up against Kagame in Rwanda right now, RDF/RPF would not accept to continue loosing its men and women fighting for Kagame, who would in return reward them what He rewarded others such as Colonel Karegeya, Nyamwasa, Sept Sendashonga, Rukokoma, Rusagara, Byabagamba and, every soldier knows well that there is no good reward from Kagame other than death, prison or exile.

I am sure RDF/RPF would choose to cooperate with whoever might be fighting against Kagame rather than taking other risks protecting Kagame.

The question is? Who would win the support and heart of these people and their families and their friends, and take on Kagame?

Believe me, it is not FDLR, not a current opposition party or a current figure in Rwandan politics.

Another formula is needed to topple Kagame and I think I have one which is not in my own view premature to discuss here.

But the reality is that we need another formula because Kagame has created his own enemies within his own cycle more than even the enemies Habyara had in his cycle in 90s.

We know Habyara had RUKOKOMA, UWIRINGIYIMANA AGATHA….but they had no guns and no military experience but Kagame has both political and military enemies. I am sure He has…Have you had time to realise it?

Wake up fellow Rwandan people. It is time to play the game of thrones!

Jim Kaka