General Kayihura’s killer machine finally gets arrested.

By Seruga Titus

A one Mushabe Ashiraf AKA Benz also known as Tumushabe Christ was last week finally arrested by ISO . 
Benz has been Uganda’s most notorious hired assassin believed to have participated in most high profile gruesome killings the country has ever witnessed.

It’s believed that ,Mushabe Ashiraf used to be his operations names while still in the ADF, as the chief of staff which he later deserted when he got Amnesty. On his return he was integrated only for him to kill Two SFC Officers and sent to Luzira .
Its from Luzira that Kayihura threw Nixon in action to save him and quietly got him bail on 23/10/2014 under the names of Tumushabe Christ.

Benz is a clear indication that Kayihura has a connection with ADF.
Benz quickly transitioned from Mushabe Ashiraf, to TUMushabe Christ . This killer machine is a linguist of sorts ,speaks Runyakore ,Kinyarwanda , Luganda and Arabic very fluently, this made it easy for him to communicate with his unsuspecting victims and also he was very close to ADF leader Jamil Mukulu.

On his release he was taken to Nalufenya and recruited to work under Nixon, Benz aka Mushabe Ashiraf is a trained assassin, he was given his first assignment to assassinate Joan Kagezi, then Kigundu and finally Kaweesi.

Benz has been operating with his brother on a Boda Boda on the deadly murders .
His brother was trained in surveillance in Rwanda as part of the Boda Boda 2010 snippet cell.

For you to know Benz you must be a hard core criminal or a classified intelligence officer, even people like us who have mastered Kayihura’s criminal network and Mafia operations feared to mention Benz, we called him the “blood Man”.

It’s surprising that before his arrest and the firing of General Kayihura ,Benz was armed by Nixon and used to have a police vehicle at his disposal at all times.

Benz’ Arrest marks the end of Kaweesi Murder investigations.
Now ISO and CMI combined have Minana, Nixon and Benz, and others involved will be arrested as soon as the president wills .

In the meantime General Kayihura, his partner in crime Baroza Jonathan ,Frank Mwesigwa, Muramira Patrick and others are likely going to be Arrested in two weeks.

Also being debated today is whether to fire the DPP immediately since he is not fit for this office anymore, the DPP is believed to have had knowledge of Kagezi Murder motive but he let it pass without making any noise.

In three weeks time changes will be made in all sectors of Police to allow prosecution of these cases start uninterrupted, the President has the option of using the military court since murderers were officers carrying weapons in uniform, especially the main suspect being a general in the army. Kayihura’s only chance is gone.

Up next is a list of executions carried out and disguised as robberies and also we still have to continue with our confidential report that led to the firing of Kayihura.
Keep your ears to the ground and eyes glued on this wall for the continuation of these series .