Is Lionel Nishimwe also being held by the Rwandan police like Violette Uwamahoro?

Ain’t no reasonable human being who would sell out his own people for money, honor….I don’t support sell-out and never in my dreams did i think that this would happen to me.

I recently read AGLAN’s disappearance alert, stating that Lionel Nishimwe’s life might be in danger. Given his mysterious voluntary repatriation and his unjustified threats against former comrades of the struggle, there is no doubt that he was paid the alleged Rwf 2 000 000 to do so.

Out of this filth mess, he is all alone being slapped around to teach him a lesson. I’m afraid he might not come out alive as the pay back can cost him his life.

For you all who are not familial with the Rwandan Genocide, I want you to know that it is still having profound effects on us even as adults. Almost those that are really great today, have sold out in the past in one way or another. Rwandans have had enough people tearing them down.

Other than that, Rwandan Youths have to learn from his experience or we’re all going to die singing the same song from generation to generation.