Kagame and his hooligans will stop at nothing! 

By Charles Kambanda 

What Kagame sucidal junta mouth piece is saying is ridiculous. The piece implies that: ( a) Eugene Gasana is involved in money laundering – he’s Kabila’s agent and ( b) Eugene Gasana brings Kabira’s money into US financial institutions. One needs to be stupid to think this way

First, Eugene Gasana is not a US Attorney. So he cannot open a Bank account for unidentified principal. Secondly, Eugene Gasana is probably in the process of seeking political asylum. Most likely he has no income. No bank would be receiving huge amount of money on his behalf, if the amount is beyond his known or usual income. There are financial intelligence units everywhere.

I guess Rwanda wrote this garbage to subotage Eugene Gasana’s asylum application. Who knows, Kagame junta could be planning to frame him with economic crimes, including money laundering.

Unfortunately, for the junta, the DOJ as it stands now under Trump will not buy into Kagame junta garbage.

It’s probable that Eugene Gasana made some investments in the US, probably in conjunction with Kagame. After He fell out with Kagame, Kagame wants Eugene Gasana to lose his investment by accusing him of money laundering with Kabila. This route would equally be slippery for Kagame against Eugene Gasana

True, Eugene Gasana did horrific things on behalf of the bloody junta. He tried everything to destroy me before he fell out with the junta. However, I do not believe anybody deserves such treatment. Kagame junta should let Eugene Gasana be.