Kagame, You Sabotaged The UN Intervention. Then You Rejected The Deployment Of A Larger UN Force. Here Is More Evidence.

By David Himbara Major General Paul Kagame, on the day you stand in the court of law regarding your role in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the evidence against you will include what we have previously presented, namely: Rwandan Patriotic

Why we must listen to those who have fled Kagame’s Rwanda

BY: JUDI REVER / APRIL 9, 2018 In a new book, Canada journalist Judi Rever details the brutal actions of Rwandan President Paul Kagame and the RPF. In this essay for OpenCanada, she explains the need to uncover the story

Kagame Shot Himself In The Foot. He Unleashed Poverty On His Ministers, Senators, And Military Generals

By David Himbara General Paul Kagame executed two policy actions in 2016–2017, whose negative impact is being felt by the people he needs most. These are his cabinet ministers, senators, military generals, and other prominent figures in government. The two

Why did Kagame stop the UNSC from sending troops to Rwanda to end the Genocide in May 1994?

By Charles Kambanda 1. On April 6th, 1994, Kagame committed a crime that sparked off the 1994 massacres. Kagame knew or he had reasons to know that assassination of then Hutu president in the middle of an ethnic war (


By David Himbara Kagame consistently rejected the UN intervention force to stop genocide. In this interview on May 12, 1994 when genocide was going for a month, Kagame repeats his rejection to the UN intervention force. Kagame said that the

Kagame Is A Nightmare To Genocide Victims— Let Us Remember Courageous Adeline And Diane Rwigara

By David Himbara Adeline Rwigara lost parents in genocide in 1994. Adeline Rwigara lost a brother who perished along with a family of 9 people in genocide in 1994. Assinapol Rwigara, Adeline’s husband, lost parents in genocide in 1994. The

FACTS: 95% of Ugandans do not understand the real Yoseri Tubuhaburwa Rutabasirwa. Yoseri Tubuhaburwa Rutabasirwa AKA Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a Tutsi of Rwandan origin. He was born in Gishenyi, northern Rwanda.


During the Hutu revolution which overthrew the minority Tutsi dominion of Rwanda, Museveni and his mother (Esteri Kokundeka) left Rwanda and entered Uganda as refugees. They were welcomed and well fed. Museveni’s real father (Kayibanda) remained in Rwanda and Tanzania.

War Survivor Claude Gatebuke Speaks to Harold Bennett About Surviving Rwanda Massacre

Dr. Harold Bennett commemorates the April 1994 brutal and fatal genocide in Rwanda, Africa by talking to Claude Gatebuke, who was one of the survivors of this horrific massacre. Gatebuke discusses his experiences in Rwanda, how he survived, and the

Did Rwanda’s Paul Kagame trigger the genocide of his own people? By David Himbara

By JUDI REVER Excerpted from In Praise of Blood: The Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, as published by The Toronto Star 9:00 AM, Sun., April 8, 2018 By April 1994, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) decided to go for

All the parties that butchered Rwandans in 1994, including Kagame and some RPA/F members, must be held accountable.

By Charles Kambanda I am proud of the US government’s ability to transcend the Tutsi genocide propaganda. As we Commemorate the countless Rwandans that perished in the 1994 massacres, it should be remembered that all armed groups, including RPA/F, used