Ugandan businesswoman arrested in Rwanda over anti-RwandaAir Facebook posts

Jannette Mugisha, a Ugandan businesswoman was arrested at Kanombe Airport, Kigali in the wee hours of Tuesday morning enroute to Kampala from Lagos, Nigeria. Authorities in Kigali intercepted her and interrogated her for over 2 hours over her motive with

The charges against Rwigara family has turned Rwandan Judiciary system into a laughing stock

The Rwanda’s prosecution services unsavoury actions and behaviour has turned Rwanda’s judiciary system into a laughing stock and I tell you why ; I think the state actions have gone too far to undermine Rwanda’s judicial system. On Friday 6

Paul Kagame and his daughter block Kenyan rapper on twitter

Kenyan rapper Mwafreeka has been blocked on twitter by President Kagame Mwafreeka was blocked allegedly over his tweets against Kagame’s presidency This comes days after Ange Kagame shut down a troll by a Kenyan on Twitter Days after the daughter

Critic of Rwanda’s president blocked from planning trial defense – lawyer

KIGALI (Reuters) – A critic of Rwandan President Paul Kagame cannot plan her defense on charges of insurrection and forgery because prosecutors have denied access to her case file, her lawyer said on Monday. Diane Shima Rwigara, a 35-year-old accountant,

The Kagame State Still Refuses To Inform The Rwigaras What They Are Accused Of

By David Himbara Today on October 9, 2017, the judge in Kagame’s kangaroo court adjourned the Rwigaras’ case to October 11. Why? The Kagame state still refuses to provide the defence the complete dossier of the charges against the Rwigaras.

What Diane Rwigara & her family are going through is a form of psychological torture, feeling that your not free even outside prison. This is incarceration on the outside.

By Rpf Gakwerere Last time, they used police male peverts to molester the Rwigaras while being taken – produced in court. Due to social media outcry, the junta government has changed the tactic. Today morning, at around 8 AM Rwandan

Rwanda’s Capital City, Kigali, Is A Public Health Disaster

By David Himbara Open raw sewage in Kigali Thirty years ago, the then government of Rwanda identified Nyanza, in Kigali, as the site on which to dump the city’s waste and raw sewage. Waste treatment and management was unknown. By 2012,

International Ingabire Day – Solidarity in East Africa

President Museveni knows very well that Kagame is a deranged character, he lives with regrets for having imposed criminal Paul Kagame on top of RPA/RPF

By Rpf Gakwerere As we go for our Sunday prayers, criminal Paul Kagame is scheming on daily basis how to kill those that he is supposed to protect. His mind is always preoccupied with evil. For example, the skinny dude

What Has Oh Canada Got To Do With The Rwandan Dictator’s Courtroom?

By David Himbara Open Letter To The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada Dear The Right Honourable Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, This letter refers to an unusual subject that you might initially find puzzling. In the African nation of