Did a climate of fear keep Paul Kagame in power?

It was seen by many as a done deal. Paul Kagame was returned as Rwanda’s president in a landslide win. His leadership in the past 17 years has been viewed by many as a success story. The 59-year-old has been

Like the US government, the European Union has a cold ” congratulatory ” message for the Adolf Hitler of Africa!

By Charles Kambanda It appears that the European Union has nothing to congratulate the Hitler of Africa for; not even his 98.9% ” victory”!! Avoiding to mention the incumbent president’s name or his office in a ” congratulatory” message, after

Excellency, congrats. You won big by 98.6%. Impressive. This is 1.4% less than your counterpart in North Korea, Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader.

Congratulations To His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda. Excellency, congrats. You won big by 98.6%. Impressive. This is 1.4% less than your counterpart in North Korea, Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader. But Excellency, are you really

Activist Rwigara says Rwanda election was pre-determined

Former Rwanda Presidential Aspirant, Diane Shima Rwigara, has told NTV that most people voted for President Paul Kagame in big numbers in the recent elections in Rwanda because of fear of reprisals from the regime.

A response to All NON RWANDANS & Kagame’s Supporters Drinking His Kool-Aid

By Bosco Mutarambirwa I was responging to a non rwandan friend who seemed to praise Kagame for his achievements: My friend, for Rwandans this guy is just a dictator. The media argues that the Genocide makes Kagame popular. I’ll challenge you


By Theogene Karenzi If one is keen to review the hstory of the RPF, one gets answers why Kagame had to leave training to come rescue the 1990 invasion of Rwanda. RPF without Rwigyema Fred was certainly an empty barrel.

US government’s cold “congulaturatory” message to President Kagame

Press Statement Heather Nauert Department Spokesperson Washington, DC August 5, 2017 The United States congratulates the people of Rwanda on their active and peaceful participation in the presidential election held August 4. However, we are disturbed by irregularities observed during

The Latest: US ‘disturbed by irregularities’ in Rwanda vote

The United States says it is “disturbed by irregularities observed during voting” in Rwanda’s election in which longtime President Paul Kagame won with nearly 99 percent of the vote. A State Department statement on Saturday also says the U.S. reiterates

Rwanda’s government will stop at nothing to maintain power

Supporters of incumbent President Paul Kagame carry a large photograph of him during the campaign’s closing rally in Kigali, on August 2, 2017. Rwandan President Paul Kagame held a final election rally on August 2, two days prior the country’s

Fake nude photos were used to ‘silence me’, disqualified Rwandan candidate says

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Rwanda may have the highest number of female lawmakers in the world, but one disqualified presidential candidate says it’s not so easy for women to make it to the top job in the land. Diane Rwigara was the only