Kagame Keeps Feeding On The Rwigara Family – When Will This Tragedy End?

By David Himbara The case of the Rwigaras illustrates how a dictator descends into a gangster mentality. This leads to persecution and victimization in a ruthless and totalitarian environment whereby targeted citizens are routinely crashed. The tragedy of the Rwigaras

With Me is a confidential report on Kagali’s effort to undermine Uganda’s Security.

By: Seruga Titus. You will bare with me because the report is big so am going to bring it in phases, simply follow the page to get feeds. Part One. Rwandan government through National security and intelligence service (NSIS) have

Lt col Ntambara’s assassination through poisoning his drink

Lt col Ntambara’s assassination, among his peers, they nicknamed him Murokore because of his gentleness, quietness and being just to everyone. He was assassinated on the Saturday of 3rd/02/2018 through poisoning his drink. By the time of his assassination Ntambara

Rwanda: High Ranking Officers who have been slapped by Paul Kagame

By Rpf Gakwerere Let’s remind ourselves at those house boys who have been slapped by Paul Kagame Generals in Rwanda should be considered as Paul Kagame petty boys; whose ranks and promotions have been issued through favour, nepotism and patronage.

Kagame’s Rwanda Has Only 160 Megawatts – What A Disgrace

By David Himbara General Paul Kagame is ever hungry for political power and he has plenty of it. He rules and runs everything in Rwanda. But when it comes to the power needed to develop Rwanda – as in electricity


This is is a warning to the world that the government of Rwanda is forming a dangerous militia called Intore. This militia is similar to the Interahamwe militia that were involved in the genocide in 1994. The world watched and

Kagame, You Can’t Promote Successful Tourism By Marketing Death Sites — That Is Why Hotels In Kigali Are Collapsing

By David Himbara Top picture is the near-bankrupt Kigali Marriott Hotel. Lower photo is Kagame’s mega project, Kigali Convention Center, that consumed US$300 million. For Kagame, Development Means Big Buildings When I heard that the Kigali Marriott Hotel was collapsing and

Flash back: Major Kayitare was brutally killed in 2015 at the orders of his boss, Paul Kagame

Freedom is not a commodity or a gift given to the oppressed upon demand. It is the precious reward of constant struggle and sacrifice. We shouldn’t expect that, Rwanda’s brutal killer will hand us our freedoms on silver-plate. Freedom won’t

Kagame Is A Trafficker Of African Refugees

By David Himbara Thousands Of Demonstrators Gathered At Rwandan Embassy In Israel And In The UK To Remind Him. Thousands protested Kagame’s trafficking. The above picture shows a massive demonstration outside the Rwandan Embassy in Herzeliya, Israel.   Here are demonstrators

It is all about POWER and POWER CLASHES know no class, or race, or wealth.

In 1973, “les cinq comrades”, (including Habyarimana, Lizinde and Kanyarengwe) overthrew, through a coup d’etat, Gregoir Kayibanda. All were said to be on the same side of the ethnic divide. Hutu elites deemed sympathetic to Kayibanda were systematically decimated. Some