Thousands petition Rwandan govt to release Kagame’s critic and her family

Presidential hopeful and critic of Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has been in prison together with her sister and mother since September 22 over charges they describe as politically motivated. 35-year-old Diane Rwigara who was disqualified from running against Kagame in

After months of harassments and constantly reporting to police – CID, the journalist Besabesa has decided to flee Rwanda

By Rpf Gakwerere After reporting the injustices in the clip below, where the criminal government of Rwanda is grabbing land and destroying houses of those that they deem to be opponents. The journalist Basabesa Etienne was summoned at police –

I salute and honor President John P Magufuli of Tanzania and President Kaguta Museveni of Uganda for their stand in this ICC matter.

The ICC has developed into ” regime change” tool for the Western thieves without borders’; the ICC is but an attack dog. Unfortunately, the western thieves without borders forget that things have changed a lot. Underprivileged countries are beginning to

Shame on you Fred Muvunyi & DW. You owe an APOLOGY to Burundi and Burundians

Opinion: Africa’s ‘jungle men’ with blood on their hands quit ICC. Burundi has walked away from the International Criminal Court, claiming the court punishes those the West doesn’t want in power. DW’s Fred Muvunyi says these anti-court lobbyists have blood

Presidents Museveni, Magufuli Condemn ICC Probe Into Burundi

President Yoweri Museveni and his Tanzania counterpart President John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, have condemned the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) Judges’ decision of instruction of investigation in the Burundi crisis. On October 25 2017, Judges Chang-ho Chung, Atoine Kesia-Mbe Mindua, and

Tension between Rwanda and Uganda reveals troubles in bloc

The deteriorating ties between Rwanda and Uganda could deal a major blow to regional projects. Observers say that if diplomatic ties between the two countries worsened further it could hamper planned Central Corridor infrastructure projects. The widely reported tension adds to

KAWEESI MURDER: Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence arrests Bryan White over threats on Kaweesi girlfriend

The chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has arrested the upcoming Kampala’s new tycoon on the block Bryan White, this website exclusively reveals. According to our highly placed military source, Brian Kirumira, 33, aka Bryan White was picked from Auto Spa


By: Titus Seruga Partial List of victims to Kayihura – Nickson and Anguma, in the illegal repatriation of Refugees to Rwanda is released on this wall, please note that only two individuals are still alive and locked up for life

Judicial Sovereignty: Victoire Ingabire and the African Court

By Ann Garrison, BAR contributor, Chief Charles A. Taku “The Court should intensify the war against the impunity and brutality of African police states and their non-African sponsors.” Friends and supporters of Rwandan political prisoner Victoire Ingabire are still waiting for the

Uganda: Kampala Arrests Highlight Years-Long Rwanda, Uganda Tension.

The recent arrest and charging in a Uganda military court of top police officers with illegally working with Rwanda to repatriate refugees to their home country is the most open flare-up in the tense relations between Kampala and Rwanda. This