Who is the real prime minister of Rwanda?

By Rpf Gakwerere A few weeks ago, on my timeline, I asked a simple question on who is the real prime minister of Rwanda. From my recollection, it’s only Joseph Ntwari who gave the answer which is similar to what


President Paul Kagame of Rwanda arrived in Zambia for a two-day state visit with multitudes of spies to eliminate those he calls enemies of Rwanda. This is not a new phenomenon to the Rwandan ruler when he is travelling abroad.


Of course the mistake was made sometime back when Kagame and his RPF started their propaganda that Rwandans wrote to the Parliament asking for his stay in power after the end of his two legal presidential terms, and eventually changed

General Paul Kagame designated “against his will!” as a candidate of the RPF Inkotanyi during the August presidential election.

PRESS RELEASE Following the plebiscite of General Paul Kagame as a candidate of the RPF-Inkotanyi in the August presidential election in Rwanda, the FDU-Inkingi, a political party of the opposition to the regime in place in Kigali, has the honor

The perenial dictator

By ANJAN SUNDARAM Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame had promised to step down before this year’s election. “Those who seek a third term seek a fourth and then a fifth term,” Kagame said after winning Rwanda’s vote in 2010 against no

We all know that husband and wife live in different addresses; Village Urugwiro and Muhazi respectively.

We all know what is happening in king’s palace. After the extramarital scandals that involved a child, we know how the royal family disintegrated in internal fights until president Museveni intervened to calm the situation. Now, it’s merely a marriage

Behind Rwanda’s Electoral Alliance and Inside Kagame’s post 2017 Game Plan

By Didas Gasana For the un-initiated, an electoral alliance may take the form of a bipartisan electoral agreement, electoral agreement, electoral coalition or electoral bloc. It is an association of political parties or individuals that exists solely to stand in

Rwanda: Augustin Musabyimana, another victim who died while under CID detention in Kacyiru, Kigali.

Below are burial photos of Musabyimana Augustin who died last Sunday while under CID detention in kacyiru, Kigali – Rwanda. His family last saw him on the 9th of June. They were called by the Rwandan police on Monday of

Similarities Between Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Idi Amin of Uganda


PRESS RELEASE FDU-inkingi is extremely concerned by the news that three Rwandans, Gashabizi Emmanuel, Namuhoranye Pascal Bavugamenshi, from Rusizi district, western province were picked by the Police on the 4th of June 2017, but cannot be traced by relatives in