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Kagame, You Sabotaged The UN Intervention. Then You Rejected The Deployment Of A Larger UN Force. Here Is More Evidence.

By David Himbara Major General Paul Kagame, on the day you stand in the court of law regarding your role in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the evidence against you will include what we have previously presented, namely: Rwandan Patriotic

Kagame, Leon Orsmond, A South African Businessman Living In Rwanda Has “Disappeared.” What Did You Do To Him?

By David Himbara Leon Orsmond, a South African advertising executive, has ”disappeared” in Kigali, Rwanda. He has not been seen for about a month. Leon has been living in Kigali for about eight years, running an advertising business. It is

Kagame, The African Continental Free Trade Area Will Not Help You

By David Himbara Dear General Kagame, here are five reasons why the African Continental Free Trade Area will not help you. 1. You hardly have anything to trade with African countries As a banana republic, your neighbours will not buy

Kagame Drives A Range Rover Sentinel — This Vehicle Designed To Withstand Extreme Attacks Costs US$500,000.00

By David Himbara ***Update – Kagame has 4 Range Rover Sentinel Cars which is US$500,000 x 4 = US$2,000,000.00 Kagame in his Range Rover Sentinel with the king of Morocco. Kagame in his Range Rover Sentinel with the president of Gabon. You

A must read book showing how Kagame turned Rwanda’s pension into private finance

By Rpf Gakwerere David Himbara’s blockbuster has just landed on my desk. The book is looking at the depth of corruption within Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB). Obviously, state goons and sycophants don’t have the culture of reading or researching,

Kagame Keeps Feeding On The Rwigara Family – When Will This Tragedy End?

By David Himbara The case of the Rwigaras illustrates how a dictator descends into a gangster mentality. This leads to persecution and victimization in a ruthless and totalitarian environment whereby targeted citizens are routinely crashed. The tragedy of the Rwigaras

David Himbara: “Why I Dedicated My New Book To The Late Théogène Turatsinze”

Who Was Théogène? I dedicated my new book, Kagame Ate Rwanda’s Pension to Théogène Turatsinze. Théogène is among the executives in the pension sector and Rwandans at large who have met tragic ends after fleeing Kagame’s Rwanda.   Théogène Turatsinze — a great son


A NEW BOOK BY DAVID HIMBARA Hailed by Western elites as a leader of extraordinary vision, Paul #Kagame portrayed himself as the president who helped shepherd #Rwanda into a prosperous, modern future. But as this book shows, the truth is far

Don’t Let These Rwandan Braves Fade Away — This Picture Is Still Worth A Thousand Words

By David Himbara The English language-idiom – a picture is worth a thousand words – refers to the viewpoint that a complex idea can be more powerfully conveyed with a single still image. Put another way, a photograph of a

The New Times Of Rwanda – You Are A Hypocrite

By David Himbara Dear The New Times, allow me to first quote the Bible before letting you know what I wish to share with you and your readers. Mind you I hardly command deep knowledge of the Bible but my