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Don’t Let These Rwandan Braves Fade Away — This Picture Is Still Worth A Thousand Words

By David Himbara The English language-idiom – a picture is worth a thousand words – refers to the viewpoint that a complex idea can be more powerfully conveyed with a single still image. Put another way, a photograph of a

The New Times Of Rwanda – You Are A Hypocrite

By David Himbara Dear The New Times, allow me to first quote the Bible before letting you know what I wish to share with you and your readers. Mind you I hardly command deep knowledge of the Bible but my

The News Times deleted this article after David Himbara reminded them that the US Congress is not for SALE!

How much is the US Congress worth? By: Gatete Nyiringabo Published: September 29, 2017  ‘Africa doesn’t need strong men, it needs strong institutions!’ Barack Obama declared in an epic speech at the University of Alexandria in Egypt, amid cheers of young Africans,

Rwanda’s Caligula Just Imprisoned Diane Shima Rwigara And Her Family

By David Himbara Strongman General Paul Kagame has just thrown into his dungeon Diane Shima Rwigara, her mother, and the rest of the family. And what is Shima Rwigara’s crime? Attempting to compete with Kagame to become president of Rwanda.

Kagame Has Ordered The University Of Rwanda To Pay Salaries

By David Himbara As we reported earlier, the University Of Rwanda’s faculty and staff have not been paid their salaries for the last consecutive five months. We are informed that strongman General President Kagame has ordered the University to pay