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President Nkurunziza: “As long as I am the president no genocide will ever happen in this country”

In 2015, from left and right, being accused by criminal Paul Kagame and his attack dogs of planning genocide in Burundi. Criminal Paul Kagame’s media empire attacking him 24/7; with all sorts of attacks, Rwanda’s junta regime using ethnic underpinning

Dear MP John Rukumbura, It Is Unparliamentary To Call The Head of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth Or Anyone Else A Dog

By David Himbara Abusing People In Rwandan Parliament Should Be Left To The Specialist – President Paul Kagame   MP John Rukumbura, and Kenneth Roth whom the MP has called a “a dog” TORONTO, October 20, 2017 Normally, in Rwanda, it is

David Himbara punches back and he doesn’t want any murderer like Colonel Kanyakarundi sent by President Kagame on Canadian soil.

The Kagame State Still Refuses To Inform The Rwigaras What They Are Accused Of

By David Himbara Today on October 9, 2017, the judge in Kagame’s kangaroo court adjourned the Rwigaras’ case to October 11. Why? The Kagame state still refuses to provide the defence the complete dossier of the charges against the Rwigaras.

Rwanda’s Capital City, Kigali, Is A Public Health Disaster

By David Himbara Open raw sewage in Kigali Thirty years ago, the then government of Rwanda identified Nyanza, in Kigali, as the site on which to dump the city’s waste and raw sewage. Waste treatment and management was unknown. By 2012,

Is Rwanda becoming a dictatorship?– UpFront –> The answer is YES!

Rwandan President Paul Kagame receives frequent praise for leading the country through an extended period of relative peace and prosperity after the country’s brutal genocide in 1994.

KT Press, The New Times, Yolande Makolo, And Mauro De Lorenzo – Stop Falsehoods About “Buying” The US Congress. If You Want To Genuinely Examine Who Among Rwandans Has Spent A Fortune On Lobbyists, Look No Further Than Kagame.

President Paul Kagame owes Chairman Chris Smith and the United States Congress an apology. The President’s senior officials and his media have slundered the US Congress and Congressman Smith – that he was “bought” to hold hearings on Rwanda. These

Kagame Says That Trust Between Himself, Citizens And Institutions In Rwanda Leads to Sustainable Development – Is He OK?

By David Himbara Kagame delivering make-belief statements about trust in Rwanda. At Munich Security Conference, President Paul Kagame made a strange claim – that trust has been the key driver to sustaining progress in Rwanda. To quote his own words: “Once

The USD20 Million Investment Project In Northern Uganda To Be Officially Launched In May 2017 – Founder Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa

JOHANNESBURG, Feb. 13, 2017 /CNW/ – Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa, founder of the PanAfrican Tobacco Group, has announced the forthcoming official opening of Meridian Tobacco Company (MTC) factory, together with its farmer development program, and food crop and forestry improvement, scheduled

Rwandan Comedy – How Did David Himbara, the Guide To Sleeping In Airports, And Kigali International Airport Make It Into The Pages Of The New Times?

So, how did David Himbara and the web-based Guide to Sleeping in Airports make it into the pages of The New Times? It all began when The New Times published its article “Kigali International Airport ranked second-best in Africa” on