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Kagame’s Moneyman James Gatera Disappeared. Why?

By David Himbara Where is James Gatera? It has been over one year since President Paul Kagame sacked James Gatera from Crystal Ventures Ltd. I have tried to find out the whereabouts of James Gatera — but I have failed. Where in the

Kagame’s Chief Justice Sam Rugege Leads A Horrible Life

By David Himbara The chief justice of any nation plays at least three roles. The chief justice’s most visible and widely known duty is presiding over the Supreme Court. The chief justice provides intellectual and political leadership in interpreting a

Kagame Threatened Rwandan Athletes In Australia With Treason

By David Himbara President Paul Kagame has been breathing fire over Rwandan athletes who embarrassed him by defecting to Australia. A Rwandan coach and an athlete vanished rather than return to Rwanda. To those Rwandans who defected, the Commonwealth Games

Kagame And His Rwanda Development Board Are The World’s Biggest Liars

By David Himbara According to The New Times, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has been declared among the top eastern Africa’s investment promotion agencies. RDB is said to be the second best foreign investment mobilizer in Eastern Africa. As the newspaper puts


By David Himbara Kagame consistently rejected the UN intervention force to stop genocide. In this interview on May 12, 1994 when genocide was going for a month, Kagame repeats his rejection to the UN intervention force. Kagame said that the

Kagame Is A Nightmare To Genocide Victims— Let Us Remember Courageous Adeline And Diane Rwigara

By David Himbara Adeline Rwigara lost parents in genocide in 1994. Adeline Rwigara lost a brother who perished along with a family of 9 people in genocide in 1994. Assinapol Rwigara, Adeline’s husband, lost parents in genocide in 1994. The

Kagame Dumps The Notorious Colonel Chance Ndagano. Do You Remember Him? Kagame Rewarded Him With The Management Of RwandAir, After Ndagano Presided Over A Court Case As Both The Judge And A Witness Against His Military Comrade.

By David Himbara Meet the notorious Colonel Chance Ndagano. Remember him? General Paul Kagame appointed Ndagano CEO of RwandAir in April 2017. Another soldier, Lt. Col. Silver Munyaneza became deputy CEO of RwandAir in charge of Operations. Kagame’s civil aviation

Kagame, How Many Lies Do You Tell Per Day?

By David Himbara In one of its June 2017 issue, the National Geographic Magazine ranked history’s most notorious liars. The former United States president Richard Nixon took the number 1 position, with his famous utterance in 1974 that ”I am not crook.”

Kagame’s Stooge And Infrastructure Minister, James Musoni, Is In Deep Trouble

By David Himbara James Musoni is cooked When I initially saw the article about James Musoni’s extramarital activities in a Kagame propaganda newspaper, I could not believe my eyes. We do not know what Kagame will do to him. But we

African Lives Matter, Too. You Condemned Putin For Poisoning A Russian Émigré. But You Remained Silent On Kagame’s Threat To Murder A London-Based Rwandan Exile.

Open Letter To The Right Honourable Prime Ministers, Theresa May and Justin Trudeau Dear Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and Canada, the Right Honourable Theresa May and Justin Trudeau, respectively. I wish to point out your apparent double standard. When