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The Trudeau Government’s Favourite African Dictator, Paul Kagame, Just Killed Unarmed Civilians — Again

By David Himbara Open Letter to The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, The Prime Minister Of Canada Dear Prime Minister, I write this letter to inform you that your government’s favorite African dictator, Paul Kagame, has just performed what he is widely

Kagame, You Can’t Promote Successful Tourism By Marketing Death Sites — That Is Why Hotels In Kigali Are Collapsing

By David Himbara Top picture is the near-bankrupt Kigali Marriott Hotel. Lower photo is Kagame’s mega project, Kigali Convention Center, that consumed US$300 million. For Kagame, Development Means Big Buildings When I heard that the Kigali Marriott Hotel was collapsing and

By David Himbara Kagame loves attention. And he will do anything to achieve it. The latest attention-grabbing is the Volkswagen automobile factory in Kigali. On the surface, the project sounds impressive. Imagine Rwanda making cars. Who wouldn’t be impressed with

The Trudeau Government Taken To Task For Giving The Red Carpet To Rwanda Defence Minister James Kabarebe Who Stands Accused Of Mass Murder

By David Himbara Rwanda defense minister hosted by his Canadian counterpart, the Minister of National Defence, Harjit Sajjan The Justin Trudeau’s liberal government is generally considered to be sophisticated and cosmopolitan due to several factors: Half the Trudeau cabinet are women.

Don’t Let These Rwandan Braves Fade Away — This Picture Is Still Worth A Thousand Words

By David Himbara The English language-idiom – a picture is worth a thousand words – refers to the viewpoint that a complex idea can be more powerfully conveyed with a single still image. Put another way, a photograph of a

Rwandan Comedy: Kagame, Israel, And Sudan

By David Himbara According to the Times of Israel, Rwanda was among the countries that Israel “widely expected to support the move” of the capital city to Jerusalem as per the US declaration. https://www.timesofisrael.com/un-nations-defy-trump-and-pass-jerusalem-resolution-with-large-majority/ Kagame abstained instead from supporting Israel/USA.

President Nkurunziza: “As long as I am the president no genocide will ever happen in this country”

In 2015, from left and right, being accused by criminal Paul Kagame and his attack dogs of planning genocide in Burundi. Criminal Paul Kagame’s media empire attacking him 24/7; with all sorts of attacks, Rwanda’s junta regime using ethnic underpinning

Dear MP John Rukumbura, It Is Unparliamentary To Call The Head of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth Or Anyone Else A Dog

By David Himbara Abusing People In Rwandan Parliament Should Be Left To The Specialist – President Paul Kagame   MP John Rukumbura, and Kenneth Roth whom the MP has called a “a dog” TORONTO, October 20, 2017 Normally, in Rwanda, it is

David Himbara punches back and he doesn’t want any murderer like Colonel Kanyakarundi sent by President Kagame on Canadian soil.

The Kagame State Still Refuses To Inform The Rwigaras What They Are Accused Of

By David Himbara Today on October 9, 2017, the judge in Kagame’s kangaroo court adjourned the Rwigaras’ case to October 11. Why? The Kagame state still refuses to provide the defence the complete dossier of the charges against the Rwigaras.