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Kagame’s Days As Donor Darling In US Over

David Himbara The nominee for the position of Assistant Secretary of State in President Donald Trump’s administration is Ambassador Tibor Nagy. His statements during the Senate confirmation hearing indicate that Nagy is solidly anti dictatorship. Here are two takeaways from

Rwandans Tracked Kagame With High-Tech Device😂

By David Himbara Never joke with Rwandans. They have developed a device that tracks the whereabouts of their AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave), President Paul Kagame. The device tracked Kagame to Russia and also to his seat in the Moscow

Kayihura’s Wife, Angella Kayihura, Arrested.

Military operatives have this evening picked Angella Kayihura a wife to the embattled former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura, SpyReports has learnt. SpyReports understands that Angella Kayihura was picked at her residence in Muyenga a Kampala surbab to unknown destination.

How Gen Kayihura failed to flee to Rwanda after learning that he was going to be arrested.

Rwanda was waiting on the other side of the boarder for their main man – communication evidence has proved it. Earlier on I promised to bring you a story of how General Kayihura was Arrested like Esenene, I intentionally misinformed

Please join Rwandans in boycotting Arsenal FC!

By Rpf Gakwerere The $40 million USA dollars, three years marketing contract wasted on a fake and sick advert with Arsenal football club would have saved millions of children who are suffering from malnutrition in Rwanda, and greater proportion are

Uganda: 24 hours that ended Kayihura’s freedom

I promise – prayers, prayers and prayers….then the results for those who take blood of innocent people will be realised. Just wait and see, how 57 kg skinny man will be humiliated by God for his crimes against humanity. As

Critics Of Arsenal Deal Are Dogs: Kagame’s New Times

By David Himbara In its editorial of June 12, 2018, the ruling party’s newspaper, The New Times, likened the critics of Rwanda’s sponsorship of Arsenal Football club to “barking dogs.” The ”dogs” questioned the payment of £30 Million, or nearly US$40

GUNFORGIVABLE Rwandan tyrant pays Arsenal £30m to put ‘Visit Rwanda’ on their shirts while orphans are so poor they can’t even afford a football

Rwandan leader Paul Kagame signed a deal that is half the £64million in taxpayers’ money Britain hands to Rwanda in aid. ON a dusty pitch outside an orphanage, groups of boys kick a plastic bottle between goalposts made from piles of

Gen Kale Kayihura in Uganda has been arrested

News flowing from patriotic Uganda’s intelligence circle is that, they have foiled a DMI plan to sneak double agent Kale Kayihura out of the Country to Rwanda. After being refused to leave the country through proper channels, and president Museveni

By assassinating MP Col Abiriga, this is the kind of reaction that Kagame’s DMI wanted!

By Rpf Gakwerere As the body of the slain MP, Col Abiriga arrive at his ancestral home, mourners are demonstrating, striking and demanding to why their MP, son, father, grandfather, neighbour and countryman was assassinated. This is the kind of