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Seruga Titus: “we now know how Gen Kayihura got information that an order was issued to arrest him”

SHOCKING INTELLIGENCE (A must read). Security Services raid MTN Uganda Data Center in Mutundwe and Confiscate Servers. Shocking as security services raid MTN data Center in Mutundwe confiscating Data servers of the telecom Giant. I have received credible Intelligence that on

Gen Kayihura Very Sick in Cells.

By: SpyReports The detained former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura’s health is not well at Makindye military barracks SpyReports has reliably been been informed. Kayihura and his blue eyed boys have been in detention at Makindye military barracks

Suspected Rwandan Agents Flee Kampala As Military Intensifies Crackdown at Ugandan Borders.

Hundreds of suspected Rwandan security agents and spies who have been operating in Uganda to destabilize the country have fled back to Rwanda following the arrest of Gen Kale Kayihura and other senior police officers. The embattled former police chief

Confirmed: Sacks of cash recovered in Kayihura’s Muyenga Home.

By Seruga Titus Cash close to 3 million dollars found at General Kayihura’s Muyenga residence, also recovered are 5 unidentified guns and a state of the art phone tracking device installed and fully functional. Information received indicate that General Kayihura’s

Kale Kayihura Refuses To Answer Any Questions: Says “I Want To Meet Museveni”

Late News reaching our desk through sources close to the Makindye Barracks detainment center have informed our desk that Embattled former police Boss General Kale Kayihura was yesterday grilled by a panel of officers led by Chief of Defense Forces

Buntu Enock a DMI agent who earned a lot of money in returning Rwandese to Rwanda illegally and carrying on assassinations on behalf of Kagame has been arrested.

By Seruga Titus He was the link between Ismail Baguma a Rwandan diplomat who is at the Center of Kaweesi Murder organisation and General Kayihura. He used money provided to him by Rwanda to buy a farm in Ntungamo and

Lt Col Peter Musherure arrested on organised crimes, murder and Espionage.

By Seruga Titus Peter was arrested the same day with General Kayihura, he is a DMI agent who was in charge of the car part thieves, laptop and phone thieves in Kampala with the aid of Police Officers. He was

Uganda: 24 hours that ended Kayihura’s freedom

I promise – prayers, prayers and prayers….then the results for those who take blood of innocent people will be realised. Just wait and see, how 57 kg skinny man will be humiliated by God for his crimes against humanity. As

You can not beat Rwanda at the intelligence game, there is a way they make Uganda look like a baby.

By Seruga Titus General Yoweri Kaguta is surrounded by North Korean agents using him to defraud unsuspecting investors, this undermines Uganda’s Investment. This is picture, that I got from a confidential and trusted source, is proof of my post, the

DMI Rwanda vs CMI Uganda!

By Seruga Titus Ugandan Security in Panic Mode over the Assassination attempt of CMI Boss.. A while back a list of Ugandans belonging to the army, police, media was forwarded to Pilato seeking for final clearance on action to be