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Kayihura Planned to assassinate his old friend Rujugiro simply because Rujugiro refused to work with the regime in Rwanda.

By Seruga Titus The owner of leaf tobacco (U), the manufacturers of supermatch cigarettes in Uganda who is also the exiled Rwandese tycoon, Tribert Rujugiro is on a highly watch list for assassination by the government of president paul kagame.

Kale Kayihura has warned Kigali against his fellow double agent Andrew Mwenda,

Rpf Gakwerere Double agent Kale Kayihura’s report to his masters in Kigali has likely caused a rift between the mercenary for hire in the photo below and his allies/ employers in Kigali. Double agent Kale Kayihura has warned Kigali against


By www.mknewslik.com reporter In Kampala— Extensive investigation into drug trafficking in Uganda has led to the arrest of two senior police commanders in Kampala. Senior Commissioner of Police, Dodovik Awita, who heads the Very Important Persons Protection Unit (VIPPU), was