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Minister James Kabarebe has warned Rwandans against going to scavenge in Uganda.

By: RPF Gakwerere Rwanda’s minister of defence, Gen James Kabarebe said that Rwanda is located between countries which have seated jealous against Rwanda because they are witnessing the country’s peace, tranquillity and a population which is focused on development. It’s

General Museveni refused to meet privately with Rwandan President Kagame commonly referred to on these streets as Pilato.

By Seruga Titus Rwanda had hoped to ambush Museveni in Nairobi, to make a diplomatic showoff that boosts their international ranking and local confidence that indeed crime in Uganda is not promoted and funded by Pilato. The King of Wakanda

Kayihura’s Wife, Angella Kayihura, Arrested.

Military operatives have this evening picked Angella Kayihura a wife to the embattled former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura, SpyReports has learnt. SpyReports understands that Angella Kayihura was picked at her residence in Muyenga a Kampala surbab to unknown destination.

How Gen Kayihura failed to flee to Rwanda after learning that he was going to be arrested.

Rwanda was waiting on the other side of the boarder for their main man – communication evidence has proved it. Earlier on I promised to bring you a story of how General Kayihura was Arrested like Esenene, I intentionally misinformed

Gen Kale Kayihura in Uganda has been arrested

News flowing from patriotic Uganda’s intelligence circle is that, they have foiled a DMI plan to sneak double agent Kale Kayihura out of the Country to Rwanda. After being refused to leave the country through proper channels, and president Museveni

General Kayihura while meeting General Museveni two weeks back requested to go abroad for treatment.

Seruga Titus The army code demands that all Army officers must seek official permission from the chief defense forces CDF, at the rank of General Kayihura needed the permission of the command in Chief (CIC) but through the CDF of

“Uganda will go down to Chaos” the Invisible Hand powered by North Korea of East Africa.

By Seruga Titus A confidential informant has just revealed to me that this was the subject matter of a meeting held by Pilato and his general Dan Munyuza held in Kigali. DMI has dispatched a team of 30 specialized agents

Cries from Widows and victims of Kagame in Uganda

By Seruga Titus I have been Crying for the past 12 hours, I received an email that was emotional; it’s about a widows/victims of Kagame and Kawukumi. If you may recall I have been sharing stories of People Whose husbands

By Seruga Titus Kaweesi Murder investigations are complete, Nixon and Minana will jointly be charged with this murder the same individuals were investigating the murder and made several arrests of innocent Moslems claiming it was a ADF operation. The Pilato

Statement of a Dead man, The Author of this statement was recently Kidnaped and Killed By Rwandan DMI in Uganda, he happens to be one of the witnesses in the Nixon case.

Written By: Seruga Titus He made this revealing statement awhile back during my investigations into the kidnap of General Kagame’s former Bodyguard and other Rwandese Refugees. He asked me to share this Testimony to the public if he is ever