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The fact that the regime of the RPF previously dug out more human remains a week after Noble Marara (a close escort of Paul Kagame from 1991 to 2014) in an interview with the BBC in its “Imvo n’Imvano Program”

Rwanda: What crimes were committed against the Hutus and Tutsis?

The crimes that were committed, mainly in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo from 1 October 1990, against Rwandans, Hutus and Tutsis cannot be summed up in a single word or assigned a specific name without the risk of

Once Paul Kagame hates you, the only thing that comes to his mind, it’s how you will be eliminated

By Rpf Gakwerere Let me welcome the gentlemen in the photos below for being promoted to A list of DMI’s most wanted individuals. The A list are files of individuals who are wanted by all means necessary for elimination, by

By Rpf Gakwerere On the 25th/12/2017, Rwanda’s paranoiac and criminal dictator demonstrated high levels of paranoia, delusion, fear and overall signs of psychotic behaviours. Rwanda’s criminal ruler reminded the gathering army and police officers that Rwanda is at crossroad and

Nkuko byumvikanye muri kino gitondo cyo kuwa 16 Ukoboza 2013 hari ikibazo gikomeye kibura ry’umuriro muri Kigali yose ndetse no muduce twinshi two mu Rwanda!

Nkuko byumvikanye muri kino gitondo cyo kuwa 16 Ukoboza 2013 hari ikibazo kibura ry’umuriro muri Kigali ndetse no muduce twinshi two mu Rwanda. Ntibizoroha kurasa intego ya Vision 20/20 hakiri ibibazo by’umuriro!      

Rwanda: Kagame ntagisinzira. Yikanga balinga ya Kayumba na Rujugiro buri munsi none ageze naho abishyira ku ka rubanda!

Gen.Kayumba Nyamwasa na Rujugiro muri Delegation ya Perezida Zuma i Kinshasa Date: 30 Octobre 2013 Kuva kuri uyu wa Kabiri Perezida wa Afurika y’ Epfo , Jacob Zuma aragirira uruzinduko rw’ akazi muri Kongo Kinshasa aho bitangazwa ko uru rugendo

Rwanda: Red Line Drawn between Rwandese Community and High Commission UK

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. The government of Rwanda has always encouraged the high commissioner in the UK to keep hold of the Rwandese community, for some reason the community became dominated by Rwandese high

DR Congo: M23 rebels close to defeat after US and Britain urge Rwanda to stay out

The Untold Stories: Healing a Nation without Healing Kagame will it Work?

A testimony by the Man who was not only too close to the Rwandan President  but who was also one of the architects of the RPF the ruling party of  Rwanda will definitely give Kagame sleepless nights. However, the man the message

Rwanda: Urupfu rwa M23/RDF rushobora guhitana umubyeyi we Kagame Paul !