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Museveni Cancels Rwanda Trip; Security Advance Team Withdrawn

The Special Forces Commando unit that guards President Museveni has been withdrawn from Rwanda after the head-of-state cancelled his planned trip to the Capital, Kigali. President Museveni had confirmed his attendance at the much anticipated African Union Extraordinary Summit on

A sad story about a heartless woman Lilian Kaitesi from the other country we call “North Korea of East Africa”

By Titis Seruga Am sad, annoyed and very disappointed at how some women can be so heartless. Do you remember Lilian Kaitesi? The lady i shared on my wall sometime back claiming to have been in a very abusive relationship?.

General Kayihura’s killer machine finally gets arrested.

By Seruga Titus A one Mushabe Ashiraf AKA Benz also known as Tumushabe Christ was last week finally arrested by ISO .  Benz has been Uganda’s most notorious hired assassin believed to have participated in most high profile gruesome killings

The Kabarebe desk, it’s following a clear designed and intelligence pattern to sabotage Uganda’s economy; thus bringing Museveni to his knees.

Gen James Kabarebe, the head of Uganda desk. A task force that was set by Criminal Paul Kagame to undermine the government of Museveni; at the moment his doing a pretty great job for his criminal boss. This task force that

Museveni and Kagame: Shared history but different personalities.

In 1980, Museveni, then vice chairman of the military commission was arrested at an UNLA roadblock in Kireka, Kampala. With him was his wife Janet and son Muhozi, then 6 years old. Although Museveni and Janet’s books don’t mention where

Rwanda deployed Prostitutes at Speak Hotel, Kabalagala, Kansanga, Kabale and Rubaga Road as Spies.

By: Seruga Titus Rwandese Squirting Prostitutes target army men and unsuspecting high profile individuals interested in long twin towers and the art of squirt. An undercover intelligence officer targeted one is the suspected prostitutes and reveals in a sensitive report

Kayihura Planned to assassinate his old friend Rujugiro simply because Rujugiro refused to work with the regime in Rwanda.

By Seruga Titus The owner of leaf tobacco (U), the manufacturers of supermatch cigarettes in Uganda who is also the exiled Rwandese tycoon, Tribert Rujugiro is on a highly watch list for assassination by the government of president paul kagame.

By Rpf Gakwerere Last year – 2017, during the Kagamist sham election in Rwanda. Double agent Kale Kayihura’s boy and personal aid, the shrewd but dangerous Abdalla Kitata of the boda boda 2010 was in Rwanda campaigning vigorously for criminal

After DRC, Burundi & Tanzania, It’s Uganda’s turn now.

By Charles Kambanda 1. Kagame ruined DRC, especially North Kivu. The method ( crimes) by which Kagame and his suicidal DMI ruined DRC is/are well documented by the UNited Nations Security Council and many credible international organisations. 2. Kagame set

Once Paul Kagame hates you, the only thing that comes to his mind, it’s how you will be eliminated

By Rpf Gakwerere Let me welcome the gentlemen in the photos below for being promoted to A list of DMI’s most wanted individuals. The A list are files of individuals who are wanted by all means necessary for elimination, by