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Is it Diane Shima Rwigara and her family on trial or Kagame and his Courts are on trial?

By Charles Kambanda The woman who wanted to challenge Kagame in the recent presidential race was yesterday asked to defend herself on the crime of inciting insurrection and making Rwandans hate their government. Prosecution alleges that the defendant committed the

Each time Kagame flies, he is laughing all the way to the bank as Chairman of RPF/Crystal Ventures

Kagame’s Insane Trips – Crystal Ventures Laughing All The Way To The Bank Left Rwanda on Oct 11, 2017 for UK. Proceeded to DC, USA on Oct 12, 2017. Left for Togo on Oct 15, 2017. Resurfaced in London on

My fellow Americans, one of ours, an American citizen Anne Uwamahoro Rwigara is extremely in need of our help and advocacy.

My name is Chris Kamo  a U.S. Citizen and I need your help. As a US citizen, I am proud to be an American and will vigorously defend what our country stands for, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice

David Himbara punches back and he doesn’t want any murderer like Colonel Kanyakarundi sent by President Kagame on Canadian soil.

They will look genuine, talk your language, sing your songs; but they are guided by the evil DMI Organization.

Today, Monday the 16/10/17; is another day that Rwandans are waiting for the continuation of the Rwigara soap opera. This day has made me think on the tragedy of Rwandan society. A society that is conniving devilish – I am not

Apotre Gitwaza’s letter reporting his fellow clergymen to the RPF secretariat, noting that the clergymen are anti RPF, and always hindering projects meant for RPF

When I say that Rwanda has a high propensity and all indicators of a broken society, some Rwandans lament. The enclave is experiencing widespread of social decay, selfishness of the highest levels, irresponsibility by those that we should consider as

Kagame Is Determined To Damage Uganda’s Investment Climate

By David Himbara Dear President Yoweri Museveni. I am most certain you are aware that Paul Kagame’s government and a section of East African social media have been circulating a fake story aimed at causing havoc in your family and

A message from Violette Uwamahoro, British woman, kidnapped in Rwanda urging her fellow Christians to join her to pray for Anne Rwigara & her children.

HALLELUAAH !!JESUS IS ALIVE! JESUS IS ALIVE! she uttered after a court hearing. Her Name Is Adeline Rwigara. She is a mother. She has been detained along with her 2 daughters, Diane and Anne Rwigara in their native country of

Rwanda: Local leaders stopping starving people from talking about it in public

A new shocking report on Rwanda has revealed that a lot of Rwandese people are dying of hunger but leaders don’t want starving people to talk about, Spy Reports reveals. This long investigation report released by Zam Magazine titled “The Plunder Route

Rwandans: “We have nothing to eat but our leaders don’t want us to talk about this”

Source: African_Oligarchs