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On this clip, a family is being briefed by Kagame’s Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) to not take pictures during the burial of their relative(s)

By Rpf Gakwerere A satanic regime: Since morning, UNHCR workers with DMI elements have been going to pick families of those who lost their loved ones and taken for a quiet burial of their massacred relatives. Each family was allocated

The Trudeau Government’s Favourite African Dictator, Paul Kagame, Just Killed Unarmed Civilians — Again

By David Himbara Open Letter to The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, The Prime Minister Of Canada Dear Prime Minister, I write this letter to inform you that your government’s favorite African dictator, Paul Kagame, has just performed what he is widely

Paul Kagame will one day pay for his crimes against humanity

In great numbers, after days of being shot at, killed and kidnapped. The tutsi Congolese refugees still have the courage of denouncing Criminal Paul Kagame’s killing police. They denounced the junta’s police in the strongest terms, as cries of “you

Five Refugees Killed, 20 Injured, in Rwanda Camp Food Protest-Police

KIGALI — At least five refugees were killed and 20 injured at a camp in Rwanda after a protest over a cut in food rations turned violent, Rwandan police said on Friday. Seven policemen were also injured. Around 3,000 refugees

Kagame’s Actions On African Refugees Meets The Definition Of ”Madness”

By David Himbara The term ”madness” describes severe mentally ill. The synonyms of the term include insanity, mental instability, derangement, and lunacy. General Paul Kagame’s stance and actions indicate that he qualifies for the term. For evidence, look at his

Rwanda: Congolese refugees are ready to die instead of going back to the Kiziba camp

Surrounded by armed soldiers and police, the poor struggling Congolese refugees whom #UNHCR has dedicated in the hands of Rwanda govt, the only thing they managed to do was to sit down on ground and sing a heart touching song which reminds

Congolese refugees trying to go back to their home country chanting “kill us, kill us, shoot us” and others saying some of them have been killed.

This past Sunday, I posted on the deepening crisis of Congolese refugees in Rwanda, where they are being refused by the junta government from returning to their home country. 👇👇👇👇👇 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2034297456853454&id=100008196575303 As posted on Sunday, that Tuesday, the refugees were determined

The Kabarebe desk, it’s following a clear designed and intelligence pattern to sabotage Uganda’s economy; thus bringing Museveni to his knees.

Gen James Kabarebe, the head of Uganda desk. A task force that was set by Criminal Paul Kagame to undermine the government of Museveni; at the moment his doing a pretty great job for his criminal boss. This task force that

Museveni and Kagame: Shared history but different personalities.

In 1980, Museveni, then vice chairman of the military commission was arrested at an UNLA roadblock in Kireka, Kampala. With him was his wife Janet and son Muhozi, then 6 years old. Although Museveni and Janet’s books don’t mention where

Rwanda deployed Prostitutes at Speak Hotel, Kabalagala, Kansanga, Kabale and Rubaga Road as Spies.

By: Seruga Titus Rwandese Squirting Prostitutes target army men and unsuspecting high profile individuals interested in long twin towers and the art of squirt. An undercover intelligence officer targeted one is the suspected prostitutes and reveals in a sensitive report