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 Myth of Development: A COMPARATIVE LOOK BETWEEN Kagame Paul and Habyarimana Juvenal: A NEED FOR CHECKS AND BALANCE MECHANISM.


I don’t agree with Kagame Paul supporters who always want to advance his propagandist agenda of his “arsonist” kind of and miraculous development under his dictatorship and his perpetual and serial killings at the detriment of freedom, democracy and respect

Democracy Is Rwanda’s Losing Candidate

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD AUGUST 11, 2017 Paul Kagame has held the reins of power in Rwanda since 1994, when his forces ousted the Hutu-led government that oversaw the slaughter of 800,000 Tutsis and others. Since that bloody beginning, Mr.

‘Rwanda is like a pretty girl with a lot of makeup, but the inside is dark and dirty’

Diane Rwigara asks to postpone the interview. “My personal adviser is missing,” explains the text message. This is the new normal for Rwigara, who was until recently a loyal scion of Rwanda’s ruling elite. Since the death of her father

Rwanda: West is duped by dictator Paul Kagame

Paul Kagame is a nimble dictator. Unlike some leaders, he does not hanker after a private zoo or a golden toilet; unlike them, he can conduct an informed hour-long conversation about health insurance for his citizens. The President of Rwanda

Telegraph.co.uk: US-backed war criminal sure to “win” Rwandan election

Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s order-obsessed president, is fond of palm trees. Every boulevard in his capital Kigali is bisected by them. Council workers, who already sweep Kigali’s streets twice a day, have to hose them down with detergent every night. Any

Kagame Says That Trust Between Himself, Citizens And Institutions In Rwanda Leads to Sustainable Development – Is He OK?

By David Himbara Kagame delivering make-belief statements about trust in Rwanda. At Munich Security Conference, President Paul Kagame made a strange claim – that trust has been the key driver to sustaining progress in Rwanda. To quote his own words: “Once

Kagame-Blair US$250 Million Phantom Project Is Dead & Buried

By David Himbara It was a dream project cementing Kagame-Blair partnership and personal friendship. The deal was signed in Kigali in November 2009 – with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair personally witnessing the event. And it was, at the

It Is Time Rwandans Learnt How Their Investment In Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Is Performing

Back in 2008/2009, President Paul Kagame put a large chunk of Rwandan pension funds into the then start-up company, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals (MACK). I was there when this happened. But it is better someone else describes what happened. In their book,

Rwandan Comedy – How Did David Himbara, the Guide To Sleeping In Airports, And Kigali International Airport Make It Into The Pages Of The New Times?

So, how did David Himbara and the web-based Guide to Sleeping in Airports make it into the pages of The New Times? It all began when The New Times published its article “Kigali International Airport ranked second-best in Africa” on

No wonder we keep losing our family members in many Rwanda’s hospitals. Many doctors are not fit for jobs.

Over 350 Former KIST Medical Graduates Not Fit For Jobs. These Microbiology graduates are considered unfit for the job market unless they upgrade. More than 350 Microbiology graduates may never get employed unless they switch to the teaching profession. According