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Rwanda deployed Prostitutes at Speak Hotel, Kabalagala, Kansanga, Kabale and Rubaga Road as Spies.

By: Seruga Titus Rwandese Squirting Prostitutes target army men and unsuspecting high profile individuals interested in long twin towers and the art of squirt. An undercover intelligence officer targeted one is the suspected prostitutes and reveals in a sensitive report

The Kagames’ Extravagant Life while Primary school teachers in Rwanda haven’t been paid their January salary

Primary school teachers in Rwanda haven’t been paid their January salary averaging 70000fr per Teacher, yet the country would afford a private jet for criminal Paul Kagame’s estranged wife – Jeannette Nyiramongi Nzirorera Gasana Kagame to take her to USA


There is a number of allegations and impeachments sufficient for the people of Rwanda to call their incumbent President Paul Kagame into resignation. ✔ Kagame has never been loyal to the Republic of Rwanda. Since the so-called liberation war of

Kagame Drives A Range Rover Sentinel — This Vehicle Designed To Withstand Extreme Attacks Costs US$500,000.00

By David Himbara ***Update – Kagame has 4 Range Rover Sentinel Cars which is US$500,000 x 4 = US$2,000,000.00 Kagame in his Range Rover Sentinel with the king of Morocco. Kagame in his Range Rover Sentinel with the president of Gabon. You

Kayihura Planned to assassinate his old friend Rujugiro simply because Rujugiro refused to work with the regime in Rwanda.

By Seruga Titus The owner of leaf tobacco (U), the manufacturers of supermatch cigarettes in Uganda who is also the exiled Rwandese tycoon, Tribert Rujugiro is on a highly watch list for assassination by the government of president paul kagame.

A must read book showing how Kagame turned Rwanda’s pension into private finance

By Rpf Gakwerere David Himbara’s blockbuster has just landed on my desk. The book is looking at the depth of corruption within Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB). Obviously, state goons and sycophants don’t have the culture of reading or researching,

Rwanda: What crimes were committed against the Hutus and Tutsis?

The crimes that were committed, mainly in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo from 1 October 1990, against Rwandans, Hutus and Tutsis cannot be summed up in a single word or assigned a specific name without the risk of

Kagame Keeps Feeding On The Rwigara Family – When Will This Tragedy End?

By David Himbara The case of the Rwigaras illustrates how a dictator descends into a gangster mentality. This leads to persecution and victimization in a ruthless and totalitarian environment whereby targeted citizens are routinely crashed. The tragedy of the Rwigaras

With Me is a confidential report on Kagali’s effort to undermine Uganda’s Security.

By: Seruga Titus. You will bare with me because the report is big so am going to bring it in phases, simply follow the page to get feeds. Part One. Rwandan government through National security and intelligence service (NSIS) have

Lt col Ntambara’s assassination through poisoning his drink

Lt col Ntambara’s assassination, among his peers, they nicknamed him Murokore because of his gentleness, quietness and being just to everyone. He was assassinated on the Saturday of 3rd/02/2018 through poisoning his drink. By the time of his assassination Ntambara