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Kagame Is A Nightmare To Genocide Victims— Let Us Remember Courageous Adeline And Diane Rwigara

By David Himbara Adeline Rwigara lost parents in genocide in 1994. Adeline Rwigara lost a brother who perished along with a family of 9 people in genocide in 1994. Assinapol Rwigara, Adeline’s husband, lost parents in genocide in 1994. The

This is a warning for people doing or planning to do business with Paul Kagame and Rwanda

By Rpf Gakwerere Anne Rwigara, “This factory financially supported the RPF during the war and after war. This factory was paying around 300 million Rwandan francs per month as tax. Our father was a senior supporter of RPF. The people

On This International Women’s Day, We Remember The Audacity Of Victoire Umuhoza, Adeline Rwigara And Diane Rwigara. The Actions Will Never Be In Vain

By David Himbara Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza imprisoned since 2010 for standing up to the Kagame dictatorship. Adeline Rwigara, imprisoned in 2017 for standing up to the Kagame dictatorship. Diane Rwigara, imprisoned in 2017 for standing up to the Kagame dictatorship.

Kagame Keeps Feeding On The Rwigara Family – When Will This Tragedy End?

By David Himbara The case of the Rwigaras illustrates how a dictator descends into a gangster mentality. This leads to persecution and victimization in a ruthless and totalitarian environment whereby targeted citizens are routinely crashed. The tragedy of the Rwigaras

By Rpf Gakwerere On the 25th/12/2017, Rwanda’s paranoiac and criminal dictator demonstrated high levels of paranoia, delusion, fear and overall signs of psychotic behaviours. Rwanda’s criminal ruler reminded the gathering army and police officers that Rwanda is at crossroad and

Paul Kagame’s vision 2020 of turning Rwanda into a middle-income country with a per capita income of US$1,045 is clearly in trouble.

Dear President Paul Kagame What a year you had – I am sure you surpassed your expectations for 2017. Look at these achievements, for example, that I randomly list here: 1. You won presidential elections by 99%. 2. You won

Thousands petition Rwandan govt to release Kagame’s critic and her family

Presidential hopeful and critic of Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has been in prison together with her sister and mother since September 22 over charges they describe as politically motivated. 35-year-old Diane Rwigara who was disqualified from running against Kagame in

Tension between Rwanda and Uganda reveals troubles in bloc

The deteriorating ties between Rwanda and Uganda could deal a major blow to regional projects. Observers say that if diplomatic ties between the two countries worsened further it could hamper planned Central Corridor infrastructure projects. The widely reported tension adds to

Rwanda: Kakuru Ian’s opinions on Diane Rwigara’s reappearance in the court today

Kagame is extremely devious and sly, selfish, and full of megalomania. To his comrades he orders them around, frightens them with charges of crimes and victimizes them. He rarely holds discussions about party matters… Whenever he expresses a view everyone

CMI detains Frank Gashumba, offices under siege.

By: Johnson Kagame Operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) on Monday arrested Frank Gashumba a city self-proclaimed inspirational speaker and government critic. According to a source near Gashumba, he was arrested Monday evening shortly after leaving his office