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Dear MP John Rukumbura, It Is Unparliamentary To Call The Head of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth Or Anyone Else A Dog

By David Himbara Abusing People In Rwandan Parliament Should Be Left To The Specialist – President Paul Kagame   MP John Rukumbura, and Kenneth Roth whom the MP has called a “a dog” TORONTO, October 20, 2017 Normally, in Rwanda, it is

Rwandans are waiting to hear what Rwanda’s chief criminal – Paul Kagame has decided for the Rwigara family

Today, Rwandans from all walks of life are waiting to hear what Rwanda’s chief criminal – Paul Kagame has decided for the Rwigara family. Whether to release/give them bail while investigations are still being conducted or to continue keeping them

Is it Diane Shima Rwigara and her family on trial or Kagame and his Courts are on trial?

By Charles Kambanda The woman who wanted to challenge Kagame in the recent presidential race was yesterday asked to defend herself on the crime of inciting insurrection and making Rwandans hate their government. Prosecution alleges that the defendant committed the

My fellow Americans, one of ours, an American citizen Anne Uwamahoro Rwigara is extremely in need of our help and advocacy.

My name is Chris Kamo  a U.S. Citizen and I need your help. As a US citizen, I am proud to be an American and will vigorously defend what our country stands for, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice

They will look genuine, talk your language, sing your songs; but they are guided by the evil DMI Organization.

Today, Monday the 16/10/17; is another day that Rwandans are waiting for the continuation of the Rwigara soap opera. This day has made me think on the tragedy of Rwandan society. A society that is conniving devilish – I am not

A message from Violette Uwamahoro, British woman, kidnapped in Rwanda urging her fellow Christians to join her to pray for Anne Rwigara & her children.

HALLELUAAH !!JESUS IS ALIVE! JESUS IS ALIVE! she uttered after a court hearing. Her Name Is Adeline Rwigara. She is a mother. She has been detained along with her 2 daughters, Diane and Anne Rwigara in their native country of

Yesterday – Saturday at 3PM, Kagame’s government demolished the residence of Norbert Muhire, a personal assistant to Diane Rwigara

Yesterday – Saturday at 3PM, Rwanda’s junta government demolished the residence of Norbert Muhire. He is a personal assistant to Diane Rwigara, who is currently being incarcerated in criminal Paul Kagame’s dungeon. Under criminal Paul Kagame’s junta regime, any sign

Rwanda’s political compass wasn’t lost in 2017 but rather in 2000.

By Didas Gasana Partly because of the technological innovations that have given citizens world over a medium to express themselves and partly because the western governments have gradually come to realize who really President Paul Kagame is; a lot has


It is only in Rwanda where you have to register with police before your allowed to enter a court. Today, during The Rwigara family court hearing, before being allowed within the court premises, everyone had to register their particulars with

Rwanda ex-presidential candidate denies insurrection charges.

Former Rwanda presidential candidate Diane Rwigara is denying charges of insurrection and forgery that she says are linked to her criticism of the government’s human rights record. Rwigara appeared in court Wednesday in the capital, Kigali. She and some family