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What value did Abiriga’s killing add to Kagame and DMI?

Breaking Intelligence: Hon. Abiriga Arua Municipality MP taken out in retaliation to his part in PRA failure to break ground. Many of you are not aware of a Rebel Group called PRA but worry not ,today will be your first time

Why I hate Rwanda with a passion

By Jacobs Odongo Seaman The love-hate relationship between Ugandans and Rwandans is passionate. We won’t go into detail about that, but just so you know, I hate Rwanda. With a passion, I must add. See, I spent the last five


By Rpf Gakwerere CMI and ISO, thank you. Currently, the commanders of these sister intelligence apparatus Brig Gen Abel Kandiho and Col Frank Bagyenda Kaka respectively; your are true patriots. They deserve to be applauded. Despite the bounty put on

Whatever happens to Brig Gen Abel Kandiho, criminal Paul Kagame and his assassins are responsible.

The same price tag criminal Paul Kagame put on General Kayumba Nyamwasa’s head, it is the same price he has placed on the head of Uganda’s chief of Military Intelligence – CMI, Brig Gen Abel Kandiho. The assassination tag on

Follow Ethiopian Airlines, Not RwandAir.

By David Himbara Letter to Presidents Yoweri Museveni and John Magufuli Excellencies: In my previous letter, I humbly requested that you should reflect on whether or not it is worth it to establish a national airline. I pointed out what

You can not beat Rwanda at the intelligence game, there is a way they make Uganda look like a baby.

By Seruga Titus General Yoweri Kaguta is surrounded by North Korean agents using him to defraud unsuspecting investors, this undermines Uganda’s Investment. This is picture, that I got from a confidential and trusted source, is proof of my post, the

DMI Rwanda vs CMI Uganda!

By Seruga Titus Ugandan Security in Panic Mode over the Assassination attempt of CMI Boss.. A while back a list of Ugandans belonging to the army, police, media was forwarded to Pilato seeking for final clearance on action to be

General Kayihura while meeting General Museveni two weeks back requested to go abroad for treatment.

Seruga Titus The army code demands that all Army officers must seek official permission from the chief defense forces CDF, at the rank of General Kayihura needed the permission of the command in Chief (CIC) but through the CDF of

“Uganda will go down to Chaos” the Invisible Hand powered by North Korea of East Africa.

By Seruga Titus A confidential informant has just revealed to me that this was the subject matter of a meeting held by Pilato and his general Dan Munyuza held in Kigali. DMI has dispatched a team of 30 specialized agents

Cries from Widows and victims of Kagame in Uganda

By Seruga Titus I have been Crying for the past 12 hours, I received an email that was emotional; it’s about a widows/victims of Kagame and Kawukumi. If you may recall I have been sharing stories of People Whose husbands