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You need to scratch your head very hard to find out kagame’s genuine friends in Africa. He’s a hated guy

By Sam Byaruhanga That’s kagame for you, he thrives at backstabbing people considered as his mentors or close friends. He has no friends and he doesn’t care at all. He’s a bitter tiny man who’s favourite hobby is killing his

Breaking News: Bakiga at Katuna boarder are bitter over the arrest on a Ugandan businessman Justus Tweyongyere.

By: Titus Seruga The businessman banked 170 million shillings in a bank at the boarder with intent to move to Kigali and purchase goods as his usual business, he wasn’t aware that Kigali Police was right outside waiting for him,


By Janet Nabyo Starting his military career in Uganda in the early 1980s, Paul Kagame was characterized by a ferocious frame of mind and Ugandan people feared him more than they feared any other officers in the whole country. They

Why would Uganda be obliged to help a hostile state like Rwanda?

Criminal Paul Kagame’s loudspeaker is complaining why Uganda isn’t giving facilities to Rwandair yet awarding those facilities to middle eastern airlines. We are in a global economy, Uganda has to look at her interests and award contracts to those that

If Kayihura is innocent about Kaweesi Murder and Rwandan Refugees extraditions why did he deliver ISO Hard Disk to Rwanda?

By Seruga Titus A source in Rwanda has confirmed to me that Rwandan Agents in Kampala were celebrating on wine bottles at ISO’s expense last night. Last night at a Rwandan Paid safehouse on Accacia Avenue, 10 hot Rwandan girls

Who would wish Tanzania hit where it hurts most and with enough sophistication to do it? Paul Kagame tops the list.

Digesting the attack on Tanzanian Intervention Brigade Base. This attack raises a number of hard questions. The attackers were wearing FARDC uniforms, atleast according to MONUSCO. Where did ADF get FARDC uniforms? At around 5pm thursday evening, the Tanzanians alerted


General Kayihura successfully received stolen informations from his agents planted in ISO, for a while the Police General has desired to have control over sensitive information to give him a upper hand against other intelligence bodies. The general spent over

Missing Rwandan Refugees in Rwanda

By Musinguzi Ceasar A list of missing Rwandese Refugees In Uganda ! It is totally amazing to see a big total number of Rwandans missing on a refugee list ? I don’t understand if refugees rights are respected in Uganda

Why has president Museveni appointed a ruthless double agent in a sensitive position, yet he knows all the facts?

By Rpf Gakwerere It’s not a secret that Kale Kayihura is a double agent. Below, I have posted a very interesting article on his working relationship with Rwanda’s Directorate of Military Intelligence and particularly, his closeness to his fellow criminal

Investigation: Rwandan Propaganda Against Uganda Diversionary from Police Aided Illegal Repatriation

In the recent weeks, there have been isolated reports in the media alleging that the government of Uganda harbors hostile intentions against neighbouring Rwanda. The media stories peddle false narratives ranging from plans by Uganda to topple Rwanda’s President Paul