Of course the mistake was made sometime back when Kagame and his RPF started their propaganda that Rwandans wrote to the Parliament asking for his stay in power after the end of his two legal presidential terms, and eventually changed the Constitution in his favor.

So far, changing his mind for a peaceful transition of power is almost impossible. In his speech after being confirmed as the RPF candidate in the coming so called elections, he seemed to be regretting for not doing what he was supposed and expected to do today; handing over power to some one else. He confirmed that normally, that’s the right thing he was supposed and expected to do today…to hand over to someone else to replace him for a peaceful transition of power. And he blames Rwandans for refusing him not go and instead asked him to stay of which he had/has no other option but to accept.

However, whether he was asked to stay or not, the biggest mistake he has done is to accept not to go when he was supposed to. This is already added on the negative part of his political history in as far as democracy is concerned. He has now joined the list of other dictators who changed the National Constitution to stay in power. We can’t doubt about the related consequences. Refer to how most of other dictatorial regimes ended. Just watch, the movie continues…

By Judge Francis Bakets