The message is loud and clear! –> Kagame get out!!

By Rpf Gakwerere

The message is loud and clear. Rwanda isn’t his personal property or inheritance property. Obviously, retards will come out to say that a senior 5 dropout, an assassin and a purely corrupt character; is the best candidate that Rwanda has to offer out of 13 million Rwandans.

According to these Insane characters, we are all idiots and failures, except the chief assassin, thus the right to rule us indefinitely! And other inepts go further by noting that without him Rwanda stops! How do you pin more than 400 years of country’s history, culture, development, achievements, beauty, progress, existence…….etc, to one single person? The level of ignorance by these Kagamist stooges is unprecedented – banana Republic mindset is a serious epidemic. Really, sometimes you have to appreciate the idiocy of state goons and apologists.

By the way, where is the dude?? Since the 6th of June, the mobile ruler has been in Europe doing his usual lavishing and spending like a king from a petroleum producing state. And from Europe, he will be travelling to Zambia around the 18th of June for a two day visit, note forgetting that he was in Zambia last year – 2016.