Vancouver nanny flew to Rwanda to see online boyfriend. She returned with 7 kg of heroin in her suitcases

Serena Narinesingh’s opinion of her boyfriend appeared to change significantly while she was questioned over how seven kilograms of heroin were discovered inside her suitcases at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal.

The 28-year-old Vancouver woman who described herself as a “nanny from B.C.” when, in July 2015, Canada Border Sevices Agency (CBSA) officers found 7.7 kilograms of the highly addictive drug in the false bottoms of her two suitcases, will see her trial before a jury enter its second week at the Montreal courthouse on Monday.

The first week of the trial ended Friday with the jury viewing a recording of Narinesingh’s interrogation, on July 18, 2015, by RCMP Corp. Kyle Mink.

During the course of the final hour of the video, Narinesingh appears to dramatically change her opinion of the man she said she had flown to Kigali, Rwanda to see. She told Mink she fell in love with the man she referred to as Abdallah over the course of an online relationship that began a year before her arrest.

Early in the interrogation Narinesingh told Mink that she “would do anything” for her long distance boyfriend and considered him a “ten out of ten.” FULL STORY