What type of room, at Hyatt hotels, is $1500 a night? Which location in New York?

I guess you want to argue that the Kigali Convention Center is not meant for a poor Rwandan. That hotel is meant for the rich and top middle class Rwandans. Unfortunately, save for the few Kagame inner circle guys, living in Kigali, there is no middle class in Rwanda.

You might want to talk about the culture of staying in hotels and the necessity of staying in hotels in a country, like Rwanda, where the longest trip from the North to the South of the country is hardly 5 hours drive.

The issue then narrows to ” who are the potential guests for that damn expensive hotel, even by New York standards?”

You would then focus on tourists, international conferences, regional countries’ meetings and guests, etc. Is there any serious business to attract people from different countries into Rwanda? Refer to the country’s trade deficit for an answer at this level.

How many tourists does Rwanda receive a year? How many of those tourists would go to such a hotel?

How many international conferences does Rwanda host annually and how much does the country earn from those conferences after the amount of money Rwanda invests in lobbying for big international conferences to go to Rwa?

How many regional meetings or regional guests go to Rwanda, a country that is literally at war with every neighboring country?

You have a litany of issues that explain the hostile business environment Kigali Conventional Center is dealing with. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself ” is KCC business viable given the nature of Rwandan economy? I answer in the negative.

Prof. Charles Kambanda