You may not doubt what we always say about the role of Kagame or Kigali regime in destabilizing the region.

I talked with an experienced diplomat for good 30 minutes about great lakes region in his humble and intelligent observations of my frustrations and pains of my people at heart gave me the link but told me something important in my life! What diplomats didn’t say openly it doesn’t mean that never has it been talked, handled and in process to be solved. Going back to the great lakes issues of conflicts, failed democracy, human rights violations and failed mediations Rwanda has played very biggest role in taking away peace and stability of the region.

At the break of Burundi issues of democracy and constitutional disagreement on term limits Rwanda had promised a strong hit on Tz after a proposal of president Kikwete on how conflicts on continent could end peacefully. The proposal which President M7 of Uganda took as friendly and useful it was toxic and adding insult to injury with President Paul Kagame of Rwanda !Kigali to sit with her political and military opponents proposal its crime punishable with assassination on foreigners but its death or life imprisonment in Rwanda because Rwandan president is un challenged they call him the Most High!

Kigali under the reign of Kagame she has managed to export and sustain terrorism in the region for more than twenty years where Congo has lost more than 6 millions of people a population far higher than of Norway and Denmark meaning that if any of those Rwandan partniners could have been neighbors none of her nationals could be living to tell the story of how they were brutally killed and their mothers raped!

Rwanda has frustrated mediations of M23 and Congolese gvt just because president M7 was made mediator and now almost all commanders of M23 are going to be used against Nkurunziza together with his opposition who were instructed by President Kagame to refuse M7 and Mukapa.

Tz has chased Rwandans due to aggressor Kagame, Burundi its more than two years when relations are frozen, congo the story is horrible and Uganda in last elections all cash to fail M7 was given by Kigali and since they tried to cut the channels of Ugandan opposition cash flow from Kigali no more walk to work! The region will always be on terror as longer as exporter of terror is not handled and nobody else other than famous killer president Kagame Paul of Rwanda.

Written By: Rugema Kayumba